Insurance for all athletes;5 Facts You Must Know

Nobody doubts the benefits of doing sports constantly. But uncontrolled or inadequate sports practice also carries its risks. To minimize them, and as a prevention, Mapfre has launched a pioneering insurance for athletes: Sport Salud offers from a complete medical examination to a specific nutritional plan or a tread study. This policy covers any type of sport: maintenance gymnastics, soccer, swimming, cycling, jogging … And at an affordable price: it can be contracted from 20 euros per month, for a person of 35 years.

These are the coverages that Sport Salud offers to do sports in the best physical conditions:

—Sports medical examination: Medical consultation specialized in sports medicine, blood analysis, specific musculoskeletal and joint studies for sports practice, assessment of body composition and fat percentage, 12-lead electrocardiogram, ergometry, preparation of a training plan and improvement of sports conditions, biomechanical study of the tread.

—Private medical insurance: oral guarantee, assistance for other medical specialties, travel assistance …

—Preventive Sports Practice Test. In 24 hours you will receive a complete report on your health and fitness for endurance sports.

“Your personal trainer.” You will be attended by personal trainers and supervised by the medical team. And you will have support in designing and reviewing training plans.

—Medical and nutritional guidance for the athlete that will be attended by specialists in dietetics and nutrition: diets for the athlete, specific regimes for training and competition.

—Medical consultations: injuries, ailments, supplements to improve sports performance, precautions and recovery guidelines related to training.

—Remote access to the best international experts in sports medicine and traumatology, in the event of a serious injury or illness.

—Injury compensation: In case of illness or accident, you have compensation in one payment. And optionally, it can strengthen your coverage to have compensation for hospitalization.


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