Instagram: what does the green circle of your friends’ stories mean

Have you seen that in recent days a strange green circle borders the Instagram stories of some of your friends? The Stories of the photo application is one of the favorites by young people, even several do not hesitate to share a series of videos and photos through it.

However, with the latest update, it seems that the Instagram application has suffered what would be a preview of its new function for your “favorite friends” or “close friends”.

In the stories, also known as Instagram Stories , you can see a strange green circle that borders some profile photos. The normal is one of turquoise color. What does it mean?

Instagram shows you the green circles around someone else’s Story to indicate that you are part of the “Close Friends” list of one of your followers of the app. You can even say that this story is exclusively for you.

To add someone to your “close friends” list, just go to the Settings menu and there choose the “close friends” option. Then select each of your colleagues or followers that you want to share a story with.

Once you’ve done that, when you want to record a Storie, you can simply choose in “public mode” or just with your “close friends”. If you press the second, a green circle will appear around your profile picture.
Remember that if you don’t want to share a story with someone close to you, just remove it from your list.

Instagram is expected to add new features such as the ability to add more effects to be very similar to its newest competitor: TikTok

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