Instagram down: it doesn’t work and how to fix

Instagram continues to have temporary problems, it seems that the team is already working to solve them. We will have to wait a while.

Are you wondering if Instagram is down ? Can’t log in? Instagram not working? You no longer see post images or has an unknown network error occurred?

Don’t worry as it can be a temporary problem. Now I’ll explain everything and let’s see if there is any problem going on.

Andre, but what exactly does Instagram down mean?

We often use the term “down” on the web to say that an app or a site is having problems with accessing or loading pages, putting millions of users in crisis in the case of popular services such as Instagram.

Yes, it can also happen to the giants of Social Networks and to tell the truth it has become quite common to encounter such problems.

Especially in recent years, down periods or general Instagram malfunctions that make the user experience unpleasant have become increasingly frequent.

If you are having trouble taking actions, I recommend that you read the guide on temporary Instagram blocking .

These problems can last a few minutes, or last for hours.

Is Instagram having problems now?

I have decided to publish this guide precisely to answer your question precisely. In fact, I will update this paragraph constantly every time Instagram is down or has some malfunction.

Well, let’s see in detail what to do when Instagram no longer works.


  • Is Instagram down now?
  • The most reported problems
  • How to fix
  • How long does it last?
  • Conclusions

Is Instagram down now?

Still malfunctions for Instagram, which should be solved in the next few hours.

Last updated: 12 minutes ago.

Are you having trouble with Instagram?

Yes, I report

The most reported problems

The problems can affect all functions of Instagram or only some.

Can you give me a hand and tell me what is the problem you are having right now on Instagram?

Make a report

How to fix

If Instagram is down and you are wondering how to solve it, unfortunately I have to answer that in most cases there is only one solution: wait .

This is because it is a general problem and is being solved by Instagram itself.

In some cases, however, it may be useful to follow one of the following steps as appropriate:

  • Log out and close the Instagram app. Wait 5 minutes and try to login again.
  • If you log in from the web: log out of the Instagram site, clear your browser cache and log in again.
  • If it doesn’t work from the web, try logging in from the app.
  • If it doesn’t work from the app, log in from the web.
  • Turn off the WiFi and try to connect with the 4G network or vice versa.

In most cases, a logout, especially in the case of action blocks, can help.

How long does it last?

As anticipated at the beginning of this guide, the timing is variable and can vary depending on the extent of the problem that Instagram is having.

To give you more useful information, I have decided to indicate the average resolution times depending on the problem encountered.

  • Access problems: usually after 1/2 hours
  • News Feed Problems: Usually after 30 minutes
  • Server problems: usually after about 10 minutes *
  • Publishing Issues: Usually after 1 hour

* More than once, however, it went on for more than an hour.


Instagram, like all the other Social Networks, is facing an enormous growth in terms of users in recent years and it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the structures that can support all this traffic.

The Internet has never been so populated and it is not easy to predict whether any updates or any other internal / external factor could generate more or less serious problems.

Given the unpredictability, it cannot always be solved within a few minutes.

This explains why Instagram could go down and could remain unreachable even for several hours.

Having said that, it would not be correct to trace the reason for all these problems only to the overpopulation of Social Networks and the web in general, in fact there are also other causes which however remain a mystery to us “mere mortals”.

Only inside some Instagram offices really know what’s going on.


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