Insect and Disease Remedies for Satkara and Lebanese Fruits

Satkara is a lemonade. This is a minor consequence. The fruit of the fruit is cooked roasted in the Sylhet region. Satakara is also used in the making of various customs. Seven trees are likely to be infected by various insects and diseases. It is important to caution these insects with caution.


The tiny insects of the insect form the Akabaka tunnel inside the leaf and eat the green part. This reduces the rate of photosynthesis. The leaves fade and shrink, the growth of the tree is disrupted. As a result, the tree is more likely to be infected by cancer.

The larva of the leaf miner


When planting a new leaf on a tree, it should be sprayed 2 times a day after mixing roger or roxion or perfectiion 40 EC at 2 ml / liter water rate. Or malathion can be applied in the same manner by mixing in 1 ml / liter of water.

Lemon Butterfly

The pod nymph eats the leaves in a puffy state. It disrupts yield and growth of trees.

Lemon Butterfly


Lemon Butterfly eggs and nymphs / insect leaves should be collected or burned to the ground. Smethion 50 EC or Libesid 50 EC should be mixed in 2 ml / 5 liters of water and sprayed 3 times in a row for 3-5 days.


In the onslaught of this disease, the stools, the pulses turn brown and the long cracks in the branches are noticeable. As a resin or alkali from the cracks, glue is emitted.

Gumosis affected plants


The affected pulse should be cut off. Or apply Bordeaux paste to the affected area. It is important to have a good drainage system to prevent this disease. Also do not touch the pulses when applying water. Learn more about the beginners of Satakara .


The leaves of the affected tree fall off. Cucumber stems dry and the tree dies.

Creating dead zone of leaves in dieback


The affected pulse should be cut off and Bordeaux paste should be applied to the cut part. The affected tree should be sprayed with Indofil M-45 (0.2%) or Bordeaux mixer (3%).


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