How to have infinite money on GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V , known more simply as GTA 5 , is the fifth chapter of the famous Grand Theft Auto series. In the game, which takes place in the imaginary state of San Andreas , the player can carry out several missions alone, choosing between one of the proposed characters (Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa or or Trevor Philips) or in online multiplayer mode (which allows 16 players to carry out cooperative missions or to challenge each other during competitions). Let’s see how to have infinite money on GTA 5 .

Tricks to get infinite money on GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the best-selling and most played video games in the world and for this reason many players have found tricks and codes to get bonuses within the game that allow them to advance faster.

It is very useful to have a lot of money inside the game and for this reason one of the tricks is the cheat code that allows the player to have infinite money.

There are no real codes to have infinite money on GTA 5 , however there are procedures to follow to see more money popping up on your account.

Retrieve treasures at the bottom of the sea

To quickly earn additional money , you need to dive to the bottom of the sea in some specific points of the map and recover the briefcases full of coins.

It is possible to find:

  • near Fort Zancudo airport, in the D2 quadrant, a briefcase containing 9000 dollars;
  • near the wreckage of the plane, near Paleto Bay beach, in quadrants B3 and B4, a briefcase containing $ 12,000;
  • at Del Perro Beach, in the G3 quadrant, a briefcase containing $ 25,000.

The advantage of this “trick” is that it is possible to reuse it several times by changing your character and quickly earn several thousand dollars (up to one million dollars every 3 minutes).

Investing money on the stock exchange

It is possible to invest in the stock exchange the money found in the briefcases as well as the one earned during the missions.

In fact, the characters Lester and Franklin are often assigned the assassination missions which consist in killing managers of large listed companies. After killing these managers, it is possible to appropriate their actions in the company.

It must be remembered, however, that the missions assigned to Lester cannot be played a second time and therefore, before killing the manager of the company, it is convenient to acquire the company shares with all three characters.

So you just have to wait for the value of these shares to grow by 80%, in order to sell them and profit from them.

Collect nuclear waste

This trick can only be used if you have equipped yourself with a submarine, if you have completed the “Assault on the Merryweather” mission and if you have purchased the ” Sonar Collection Dock ” property (for $ 250000).

The slags in question, which allow you to earn extra money on GTA 5 , are 30 and can be “picked up” thanks to the mobile phone supplied by your character who has a specific radar to identify them. With this ploy, you can earn up to $ 1,200,000.

Other tricks to earn money in GTA 5

There are still other methods to earn additional money in GTA 5. Let’s see them all, to be able to take advantage of new game strategies and know how to have infinite money on GTA 5.

Earn money by hunting

This method can be used only if you play with Trevor and allows you to earn different money. It can only be used if you have already become acquainted with Cletus.

Finish the Epsilon-Klifflom mission

It is one of the longest and most difficult missions in the game but, once completed, it allows you to earn up to $ 2,100,000.

Again, you can only use makeup if you are playing with a certain character, namely Michael .

Buying properties in San Andreas

This method allows you to earn a lot of money by buying some properties in the state where the game takes place.

As you buy properties, you will unlock missions to carry out : the more missions you complete, the more the income of that given property will increase.

Rob robbery vans

This is also an excellent way to earn money in GTA 5. The method consists in robbing the white vans (those marked in blue on the map) when they stop at the traffic lights: simply shoot in the back of the vehicle to open the doors and see them get out a large amount of money enclosed in a briefcase.

Don’t carry out Franklin’s assassination missions

The method is to carry on the game without performing Franklin’s assassination missions. This “strategy” allows you to set aside $ 30 million.

Purchase a dealership

This method allows you to earn money from reselling cars to San Andreas citizens. It is also a great way to beat all potential competitors.


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