Should infants drink water?

There is no shortage of information that informs about the need to be well hydrated and drink liquids when the heat is strong in summer. However, there are many parents who ask their questions in consultation: Should my child drink water in summer if I am breastfeeding? From what age should I offer you liquids? How many times a day? When can I give them juice?

According to Ester Vaquero , from the pediatric service of the Hospital Clinico San Carlos , for infants and babies who drink artificial milk in a bottle, it is not recommended that they drink water even in the summer despite the heat, «since the milk contains enough water to keep them well hydrated and, if we gave them water, we would be able to fill their bodies with liquid and decrease their appetite when it comes to taking milk ». For this reason, Dr. Vaquero considers that it is preferable to offer more shots, more frequently , but somewhat shorter.

From 6 to 6 months is when most problems suffer from hydration, so it is necessary that parents do not shelter the baby very much and always keep him in the shade.

From the Niño Jesús University Hospital , the associate doctor of the pediatric service, Jorge Martínez , adds that from the moment the child’s diet is changed and the vegetable puree and fruit porridge is introduced, it is when he can be offered water in a bottle. “If he needs it, he will take it, but if he is not thirsty he will reject it and there is no need to insist. From about 6-8 months approximately he will begin to feel the taste for water and it will be from the year when he asks for it with his particular language: “aba” », he assures.

It also recommends offering water between feedings and not close so that it does not fill up and reject the food.

Clara Esteban , medical director of the Sanitas Health Promotion Service , explains that it is best to start with sterilized or mineral water . «It is true that almost all Spanish cities and towns have high quality water, but there are still areas that do not. Also, if in summer we travel and change residence, it is better to bring mineral water or sterilize it. ”

Regarding the introduction of other liquids other than water, juices, for example, “it can be done from the moment the baby is offered fruit porridge”, the doctors consulted agree, who add that it is very positive that in In summer, fruits with a high water content are used in the porridge.


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