Industrial machinery: how to find quality electric motors online

Nowadays the number of purchases made online is registering constantly growing percentages, both from private individuals and from companies and industries. Specifically, industrial companies prefer to rely on the network because e-commerce is currently able to offer quality products, a wider choice and cheaper prices than those of physical stores.

Among the products most in demand by small, medium and large industries are undoubtedly the components of industrial machinery , in particular electric motors and gearboxes.

The important thing, when buying this kind of items on the net, is to remember to rely on specialized dealers, with long and proven experience in the sector, such as UtensileriaOnline . It is a digital shop that offers a catalog characterized by the quality and detailed descriptions of the technical characteristics of the numerous products, with photos and even suggestions for use.


An  electric motor can be used on machinery of various sizes, used in the most diverse industries: from  metallurgical  to food, passing through those that work the hides, up to those that build conveyor belts for airports. Each engine will have different power, strengths and particularities.

Three-phase motors, for example, provide for the rotation of  3 different magnetic fields  that move at different times and this makes them particularly suitable for being combined with reducers. A  gearmotor , thus recreated, moves mechanisms of various kinds thanks to its  gears  and is extremely versatile, given that it can be installed on both heavy and lighter machines. Furthermore, a three-phase electric motor can be  either asynchronous or synchronous:  the first, the most common, has a rotor that moves independently of the magnetic field of the inductor, unlike the other in which the two movements occur simultaneously.

Among the three-phase motors there are also  self-braking ones,  particularly suitable for machinery capable of lifting loads or in any case handling them. The ability to stop the engine quickly and accurately is crucial to ensuring safe operations. The brake consists of a disk that releases  negative electromagnetic current  which intervenes when this type of engine is switched off.

In a single-phase motor, however, there is an  alternating current  that has, in fact, only one phase. This type of motor is mainly found on smaller machines, such as perforators or ventilation systems, but also on office machines, such as copiers. These motors are often equipped with  cooling fans , although they can tolerate temperatures of several tens of degrees centigrade and, if well constructed, they also guarantee  little vibration .

Among the most sought-after items, purchased in conjunction with electric motors, there are also accessories such as  belt tensioners . These are housings where the  belts can be positioned , allowing the operator to tension and align them without having to completely disassemble the engine. Then, of course, there is no shortage of  gearboxes , which allow you to create the aforementioned gearmotors.


As mentioned, the technical data sheet of each individual  electric motor  on UtensileriaOnline will be sufficiently exhaustive and report fundamental data regarding the specific characteristics and safety levels. As, for example, the so-called  insulation class  which indicates the maximum temperatures the engine can withstand so that it is always functional and does not fail: it is indicated by a letter of the alphabet and for each there is a thermal value not to be exceeded.

For A, for example, it is 105 degrees centigrade, for B 130 and for  F , the one that electric motors usually belong to, 155. The  IP protection degree , on the other hand, determines the safety of the external casing with respect to the possibility that foreign bodies penetrate. An IP followed by a zero means that there is no protection, while, if followed by numbers between 1 and 6, it guarantees barriers against solid bodies and dust. The second figure refers to liquids and humidity, so an  electric motor with IP 55 protection rating  will not allow impurities or even strong jets of water to enter.

Furthermore, each electric motor must comply with the  European Directive ROHS 2002/95 / CE  which prohibits or limits the use of certain harmful materials in the construction of equipment, such as lead, mercury and cadmium.


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