Important Tips for Housewives in the Month of Ramadan

Ramadan is here again. For mothers, your daily routine must change, because you have to get up early to prepare food for your beloved family. As a housekeeper, all these tasks must be performed perfectly.

Here, we have some tips you can do to save energy this Ramadan and make your mornings more efficient.

1. Provide Children’s Equipment at Night

Maybe there are some mothers who usually prepare their children’s equipment in the morning before the children go to school. For example, ironing clothes, helping children pack books and so on.

But in this month of Ramadan, you should be able to slightly change your routine, by doing it at night. So that you don’t get overwhelmed (too bothered) in the morning. It will save your energy the next day at dawn. So you won’t be too tired, right?

2. Ensure Children Sleep Early

In this month of Ramadan, try to get your children to sleep early, so it’s easy to wake them up at dawn. If your children can rest enough, they will easily wake up to chat, and you as a mother don’t have to worry too much if your child doesn’t want to wake up because they are too sleepy.

3. Do Easy Homework at Night

As a wife or mother, you know that homework is something that never ends. In this fasting month, it would be nice if you do your housework at night or during the time of offering juadah sahur.

Homework that you can do at night is washing clothes, packing the living room or preparing cooking utensils, preparing a container (a place for cooking), or preparing cooking ingredients (peeling, chopping, and chopping). Wouldn’t that make it easier for you in the morning to prepare for sahur?

4. Providing Sahur Food at Night

If you are worried that you will not be able to get up early to provide sahur food, you can also cook at night. Like preparing rice on magic com or cooking and preparing side dishes for breaking the fast. So, it will be easier for you when you wake up sahur, you don’t need to bother too much, just heat it up.

5. Provide favorite food for children during Sahur period

When waking children up to have a good breakfast is not an easy thing to do, what’s more to tell them to eat in the morning.

As a mother, we must be able to find a solution without getting angry or yelling at her so that she can wake up for sahur, namely by providing her favorite food, so that the children will be more excited. That way you no longer need to see children crying or rebelling because they don’t want to speak up.

6. Provide foods that make you powerful throughout the day

You don’t need to be upset thinking about what foods are suitable to be given to children and husbands so that they don’t get hungry and weak easily. So, you have to provide some kind of food that will be able to make them less hungry and also energized throughout the day. For example, eggs, because eggs are rich in protein and most nutritious. Eggs not only help you to maintain your energy but also make your stomach full.

You can make eggs in the form of omelets, or dairy products (a glass of milk, yogurt and milkshake). Foods made from dairy products are a source of healthy nutrition, and also foods rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables, eating fruits and vegetables at dawn will keep you energized throughout the day. Your energy level is maintained until it’s time to break the fast.

Those are 6 tips that we can share with those of you who want to go through your fasting smoothly. Hopefully this is useful .


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