The Importance of Prayer For Muslims In Complete Islam

The Importance of Prayer for Muslims in Complete Islam  – Assalamu’alaikum! In this discussion I will explore thoroughly howimportant prayer isfor us as Muslims, with the aim that my brother Muslim Muslims, believers and believers who are still less concerned with prayer so that they will immediately know and realize how painful life without prayer is.

Then what is expected after passing through life in the world which then begins life in the grave, while when he lives in the world he ignores prayer? And what are you waiting for on Qiyamat or after we live in the realm of Baqa if a Muslim does not want to pray?

It means: ” Life is only to serve God at all times and circumstances .”

This is the message from my parents that I always remember, and they always teach me to always remember death anytime, anywhere, in any condition and doing anything. Because we never know when death will come. Is it true that our prayers and morals? Are we ready to face the Khaliq? Remember, friend … Life in this world is only temporary, like a journey we only stop for a while to eat and drink to add energy to be stronger and arrive safely to the destination that is in the hereafter.

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  • 1The Importance of Prayer for Muslims in Complete Islam
    • 1Fundamentals of the Proof and the Hadith on Prayer
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The Importance of Prayer for Muslims in Complete Islam

I’m here to share a little of what I learned from my beloved father and my great teacher, whom I always admire, take pride in, respect and respect. He wrote about the importance of the recited prayers from Al-Qu’an, Mukhtashar Tadzkiroh Al-Qurtubi (Qurrotul-Uyun) yellow book and Lababul-Hadith yellow book.

Fundamentals of Dalil and Hadith about Prayer

Here are some of the arguments and hadiths:

♦  QS An-Nisa: 103  * Which means: ” Verily, prayer is a fardhu that is determined by the time of those who believe  “. * ♦ QS Al-Maa’un: 4-5  * ” So woe to those who pray , (ie) those who are negligent in their prayers  “. *


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♦ QS Maryam: 59  * ” Then come after them (the unfortunate) successors who waste their prayers and follow their passions, and they will soon find fault  “.

♦ Ibn Abas RA said: ” Wail is the abyss of hell, the jungle asks for a shower because of the heat of hell, and the hell of hell is the place for those who love to spend time in prayer “. (Al-Qurtubi p. 1)

♦ The Prophet said:

It means: ” One who is a Muslim and a Muslim is one who abandons prayer, so when fighting against prayer is like infidelity “.

♦ And it is narrated that the Prophet said:

That is: ” Whoever makes prayer supplication, then Allah will torment him with 15 tortures, 6 tortures in the world, 3 tortures at death (sacrilegious death), 3 tortures in the grave, and 3 tortures when exiting the grave “.

Tortures for Those Who Leave Prayers

The following are some of the torments to be had for those who left prayer during their lifetime.

The six types of torture that Allah will give to those who leave their prayers while still alive on earth are:

  1. God will take away the glory of his age;
  2. The sign of God’s glory is to be removed from his forehead;
  3. All his deeds will not be rewarded by Allah;
  4. God will not answer his prayer to heaven;
  5. All beings in the world will be angry with him;
  6. He will not get part of his prayers from pious people.

The three kinds of torments that Allah will give to those who leave prayer in the moment of death are:

  1. That whosoever forsakes prayer, he shall die in dishonor;
  2. He will die of hunger;
  3. He would die of thirst, even though the world’s oceans would never drink his thirst.

Three types of torture that God gave when in the grave, namely:

  1. His grave will be narrowed down by God and crushed until his ribs are torn apart;
  2. In the grave he will light a hell of fire and then the one who leaves the night prayer, he will be roasted and roasted over the coals;
  3. Allah will spit out a snake called syuja’al-aqro ‘to those who leave the prayer, where both eyes are made of fire from hell, their nails are of iron, each nail has the same length as a day-long journey, snake it said to him:

” I am syuja’al-aqro ‘(his voice is like lightning striking and booming) “, and the snake said: ” My Lord has told me to beat you for having left the midday prayer, and for hitting you for leaving the noon prayer at the time of Asr, and in order to hit you for leaving the Asr prayer at sunset, and in order to hit you for leaving the evening prayer at evening, and in order to hit you for leaving the evening prayer at dawn“. When the snake struck it once, it struck seventy feet deep, and it snatched its nails into the ground and brought it out again. the grave.

And the three torments that Allah will give on the Day of Judgment for those who leave prayer are:

  1. Allah will bring them together with those who dragged their faces to hell;
  2. God will look at it with a look of hatred at the time of the calf, then his flesh will fall;
  3. God will burn it with a heavy weight of fire, it will be of no use to him for any advantage, and the god will direct it to hell or someday.

And the Prophet said: 

That is: ” Prayer is your scales and the measure of your stature ;

There are still many hadiths that explain the importance of prayer, only that first I write in this article, hopefully my brothers and sisters in faith always in His shade and never neglect or leave prayer, as we know that prayer is the pillar of religion.


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