Importance of Recreation

In many people life revolves around a Daily Routine , starting the day at a certain time by the sound of an Alarm Clock , performing the first morning activities that first lead to Personal Hygiene and then are accompanied by a delicious Breakfast to start the day with enough energy to face what follows.

And so we start from home to Work or School (depending on the age of the person) and after a few hours there we return to our home to feed ourselves and take basic care of our appearance followed by the preparation of dinner and later we go to sleep to face this routine again, although one detail is still missing: Free Time .

Recreation moments are important in our daily life, helping us to clear our minds of the demands of the Work Environment and the tensions that this can generate for us, and simply relax by doing some Leisure Activity , which includes all the actions we choose simply because we like to do it, pursuing a specific purpose but without the obligation that gives us the perception of a benefit, but Simple Fun .

Despite the fact that these moments are usually prejudged as those in which we do not make any Physical Effort , the truth is that on many occasions the moments of fun are usually exhausting, such as the practice of a Group Sport that we do together with other people to being able to have fun for a while and while doing a Physical Exercise , as well as the moments when we comfortably sit in an armchair and Enjoy A Movie .

The choice of what to do in the Moments of Leisure is merely subjective, since as we have said, it is the set of activities that gives pleasure to the individual depending on their Likes and Hobbies , where their mind relaxes, tensions are relieved and only the fundamental premise is to Enjoy the Moment .


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