What Is The Importance Of Political Socialization In Politics

Importance Of Political Socialization is being discussed here. Today, as in the past, people fervently hold an almost infinite variety of political-social-economic beliefs, People have supported every system from emperor worship to anarchism, from total state control to complete laissez faire, from systems based on slavery to those promising equality. These illustrate the way in which human beings may be shaped and molded, particularly when we emphasize fairly general characteristics and societal averages rather than individual attributes.

This does not mean that an individual’s personality can be shaped in any direction. It does mean that the institutional-value milieu within which people develop has an important in. put into their political-social-economic behavior and largely determines the nature Of the values that are passed from generation to generation or, as the case often is, are modified in the process of transmission.

Political socialization is important because it permits us to carry on an organized social-political life. Without political socialization there could be no continuation of political life. The very concepts of government, the state, and society would cease to exist. Clearly this is inconceivable and impossible. Some political learning always will go on, simply because political learning is necessary to maintain any political system, no matter how simple or complex. By creating common values, assumptions, and loyalties, it enables us to develop stable expectations about the behavior of others and integrates us into whatever common enterprises society is engaged in by supplying us with understanding of our position and roles. The choice is simple.

Either people agree on some common values and ways of running their political system, or the system will be based on force and coercion. Yet even force and coercion are ultimately based on agreement to use them, that is. on some value agreement. Therefore, while we are not certain of the exact relation between learning and particular features and characteristics of political systems, it is clear that what people learn about politics ultimately affects community and regime characteristics. This fact has held out to many people the possibility that manipulation of the learning process may create a more desirable political system.

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