What are some Levels of Linguistics

Levels Of Linguistics  means, the levels of language structure.

What are some Levels of Linguistics

Language is the unique possession of man it is God’s special gift to mankind. Without language human civilization as we now know it would have remained impossibility. Language is ubiquitous.

It is present every wherein our thoughts and dreams, prayers and meditations, relations and communications. Besides being a means of communication, and a storehouse of knowledge, it is an instrument of thinking as well as source of delight (e.g. singing). Language dissipates superfluous nervous energy, directs motion in others, both men and animals, sets matter in motion as in charms and incantations, transfers knowledge from one person to another, from one generation to another Language is also the maker or unmake of human relationships.

It is the use of language that makes a life bitter or sweet. Without language man would have remained only a dumb animal it is our ability to communicate through words that makes us different from animals. Because of its omnipresence language is often taken for granted. But many a time it has become the serious concern not only of linguists but also of philosophers, logicians, psychologists, scientists and literary critics.

You Must Know The Levels Of Linguistics In Order To Learn The language

Hockett advocates the following five linguistics levels which he calls subsystems’:

The Grammatical  System:

It is a stock of Morphemes, and the arrangements in which they Occur;

The phonological   system:

It is a stock of Phonemes, and the assignments   in which they  Occur.

The morphemic system: It is the code, which ties together the grammatical and the phonological system;

The semantic system:

It associates various Morphemes and arrangements in which morphemes can be put, with things and situations, or kinds of things and situations.

 The phonemic system: It denotes the ways in which sequences of phonemes are converted into sound waves by the articulation of a speaker, and are decoded from the speech signal by a hearer.



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