5 Importance of Holidays In Our Life:Great Essay

Importance of holidays in our life cannot be denied by everyone.Everyone need rest.Great Essay is being explored in this article today.Holidays were originally holy days or days set apart for holy thoughts or higher contemplation, as opposed to working days when men were busy with worldly thoughts and cares. In course of time holidays became days of recreation.In every community there are some hollidays of leisure and rest. The greater the joy in a community, the larger the number of holidays.

These holidays are a physical and psychological necessity. Our body requires rest and our mind wants leisure. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. In modern life specially which is a feverish pursuit after wealth, name and fame, the holiday is a great necessity.

It’s All About The Importance of Holidays In Our Life

After rest, work is better done, whereas a dull monotonous round of work without any break takes away all joy and zest from it. When these factors are wanting, work can never be done well, Man is not a machine.Holidays enable us to reconsider our position, to find out our errors, to plain and device in a more efficient way.These are the days of interchange of social amenities-we meet friends, talk and dine with them. All these strengthen the social tie. As a social being, man profits immensely by holidays.

It has been said that joy lengthens life and sorrow shortens it. If it is so then holidays by giving us new joys help us to live and to be at peace with the world.But in order that holidays may prove a source of joy,its contrast with the working days must be felt. In other words, he alone is entitled to holidays who works. An idle man has no claim to them and holidays bring no appreciable change in his life.

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