Importance of Fashion

We can define fashion as a cultural and social phenomenon that has to do with the establishment of different clothing parameters that become popular and common to one era, clearly marking it in opposition to others. Fashion assumes that certain garments, sets and styles of clothing or clothing become popular and are accepted by the majority of the population as the characteristic elements of an era. Fashion is often related to the historical, social, economic, political or cultural context in which it arises, which is why it can be said that its importance lies in the fact that fashion represents in one way or another a form of expression of a society determined in a specific space and time.

When we talk about fashion we are referring to a phenomenon that is mainly linked to aesthetic and beauty values ​​rather than elements of functionality. That is to say that many times the garments that are established as fashion are not always the most comfortable or useful, but they emerge as fashion by providing new and unique aesthetic, beauty and style elements.

Fashion is part of culture and therefore it is part of the creations of the human being , which is why it is important as it is any other cultural creation. Thus, it represents a way of feeling, thinking or choosing of the human being of a time that defines him in a particular way and opposes him to the human being of previous or future times. Fashion, in the same way that art, music and philosophy can also do it , are all cultural elements and mark identity and personalityor the characteristic elements of a society. In the particular case of fashion, we must also add the idea that it is always highly visible and easily recognizable by changing much faster than other cultural expressions, always doing so around a defined space and time.


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