Importance of Dance

Dance is a bodily expression that has a great deal of importance; and it is that in addition to being an activity framed within the culture of the human being , it is also a completely healthy action for our body.

The cultural importance is more than evident; and it is that since ancient times, dance has served in various societies and cultures to express emotions or states of mind . Thus this activity could be part of religious, cultural or simply artistic rites, seeking beauty through bodily expression.

Regional dances speak of each of the world’s cultures. Through them we can thus observe the richness of various traditions .

However, although culturally we cannot ignore the importance of dance, the truth is that it is not the only importance of dance. We cannot deny that it also has benefits for our health.

Dancing is healthy; and it is that with this activity we get our body in motion by exercising various parts of it continuously following a rhythm.

Mentally the dance is also positive. It keeps our brain in shape by stimulating it and increasing its cognitive activity. Thus, for example, when we learn choreography we are able to exercise our memory and expand it, at the same time that we learn or enhance the ability to do several things at once.

Dancing can also provide us with well-being; and it is that when we dance we release stress. Through the exercise we do when we dance, our body produces endorphins, so a person who dances will be much happier.

It is therefore an excellent therapy for people suffering from depression ; and it is that thanks to those endorphins, when a person dances he feels more vital and clears the mind completely.

It is also important to talk about dance applied in the education of the little ones; and it is that through dance children are able to learn, among other things, discipline and commitment. But in addition, children who encourage dance or dance are able to coordinate their movements much faster than children who do not dance. They are also able to plan their actions while increasing their sensitivity by expressing everything they feel through body movement.

Although it is true that dance is important from the point of view of our health and culturally, we also have to pay attention to the importance of this activity regarding the socialization of individuals; And it is that people who dance are much more likely to maintain more open relationships without having any type of repression or fear.


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