Importance of Basketball

The practice of Popular Sports is important for the development of a good Physical State that allows us to face our daily adversities, but the most important thing is that it also helps us to achieve a periodic Physical Activity , but it is also usually enjoyed as a wonderful spectacle, such as the sport that we will develop next.

Invented by physical education teacher James Naismith , at the YMCA of Springfield (in the United States, Massachusetts) the sport known in Spain as Basketball and which is also known as Basketball or Basketball, is a true passion for crowds, being one of the Most popular Team Sports in the world.

Basically it consists of a confrontation between two teams, consisting of five players each, having to insert the Game Ball into a hoop that is placed at a height of 3 meters above the ground , provided with a Net, which gives the appearance of a Basket , which is why scoring points is generally referred to as Making a Basket.

The scoring system is based on Double or Triple points depending on whether they are thrown inside an area or outside it, and has different rules according to the federations that regulate each game, defining the Game Times as well as the rest time, which It consists of a time that varies between 15 and 20 minutes (depending precisely on the Championship Regulations )

Another change for example occurs in the periods, being played in Four Quarters of 10 minutes each in case the FIBA ​​rules are used, or dividing the game Four Quarters of 12 minutes if we use the NBA regulations, although It was originally contested in two halves of 15 minutes each.

A Spherical Ball is used, generally made of Synthetic Material, which allows its grip even with sweaty hands, being easily recognized for its design, which adopts an Orange Color with a particular distribution of Black Lines, with three different sizes and weights:

  • 7 – Men’s Basketball
  • 6 – Women’s Basketball
  • 5 – Pre-Kids and Mini Basketball

It is also an inclusion sport, having the introduction of the Women’s Basketball category that was recognized even as an Olympic sport in 1976, while there is also a variant of Wheelchair Basketball , which uses the same regulations as other categories, with the necessary adjustments so that it can be enjoyed by those persons with Disabilities Motrices.


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