Importance of Administration

A family, a company, a municipality or a country have something in common, because in all cases we find ourselves before a group of individuals who share some kind of bond. Another aspect related to all these forms of social organization is administration, since without a management system or organization the good progress of any human group is unfeasible.

In the family sphere

In a home it is absolutely necessary to have a certain administrative control.

Starting from an economic income, the family unit must manage various issues: an economic control to avoid indebtedness, planning related to taxes and some system of ordering some important documents (contracts, mortgages, invoices …) .

In the business world

Although each company has a specific legal form and a type of business, each has to have an administrative system. This involves controlling and supervising a wide range of aspects: accounting and finance, document classification, internal and external communication , etc. In short, there is no company without its corresponding administrative dimension.

In a nation

A state is a set of public institutions at the service of a society. Sometimes the word administration is used to refer to all state agencies. Regardless of the words we use, there is something evident: every nation has a complex administrative structure.

As occurs in a family, the state has an annual budget and an administrative structure related to different spheres (education, health, defense, infrastructure …) is articulated from it .

Good management

If we take the business environment as a reference, optimization of all resources, whether human, material or of any other nature, is essential.

In a simplified way, we could say that a correct administration is based on four general aspects: planning, organization, direction and control.

According to business gurus, a good administrator is one who appropriately interprets the environment around him, knows how to adapt to the changes that occur and adopts a proactive attitude when facing new challenges.

In contrast to the part of the administrative sector of a company, we find the employees who act as operators, executing the different actions that go from customer service to activities that require more effort in particular, seeking to control and also establish different objectives .

Another mission is linked to the construction of joint actions in different areas of a particular company or group to achieve a common goal , coordinating the different tasks and establishing the various work sectors that allow for greater productivity and better taking advantage of the resources that a particular company or social group has.

Summing up

Every social structure tries to cover basic needs and for them to be satisfied effectively requires administrative management. Otherwise, ineffectiveness and disorder prevail.


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