Integrity is a quality, character, or condition that shows a unified whole so that it has the potential and ability to radiate authority and honesty. While honesty means not lying, as is, and not cheating. In other words, integrity and honesty of heart are two things that become a complete package.


What Is the Importance of Integrity and Honesty in the World of Work? 

Maybe Career Advice colleagues have often heard these two words, namely, integrity and honesty of heart. Even for some companies, they do not hesitate to include these two criteria in job advertisements as qualifications they expect from new candidates.


This shows that integrity and honesty are two things that are very important and needed in the world of work. You could say both are the main capital to get success in the world of work or business. Everyone really needs to have high integrity and honesty of a sincere heart.


Wherever we are, everyone will respect the individuals who have these two characters and everyone needs to have both of them, no matter where they work.


So, why do you need Integrity and Honesty of Heart? 

We have summarized a number of important points that are valid reasons why integrity and honesty of the heart really need to be owned by everyone. The following reasons are taken from the perspective of leaders based on website entrepreneurs. Let us consider the following explanation.


Integrity in the World of Work and Business is the Main Word in the Dictionary of Success. 

No success is achieved without integrity, and no integrity will not lead us to success. Integrity and success are two interdependent words. In other words, we cannot only have one of them.


The leaders in each company also think the same thing. Every time a leader holds a strategic planning session, the first value that is always emphasized by all leaders is INTEGRITY. High integrity will shape us into individuals who are sincere and full of honesty of heart.


Leaders know and are very confident that honesty and integrity are the foundation of leadership . So if an employee does not have these two criteria, it is certain that they also cannot become a leader.


Great leaders never want to compromise honesty and integrity. 

Compromise? That is indeed a good thing to reach a fair agreement. However, leaders will never allow integrity and honesty to be compromised. While cheating, keep cheating.


For successful leaders, they reflect their life stories and experiences with the success they have achieved today. There are many temptations that come and go so that they can achieve success with lightning speed. However, these successful leaders are the people who ‘deflect’ or reject the cheating, so they can reach the level of success as it is today.


Similar to the present, the digital age makes it easier for us to commit fraud in the world of work, but successful leaders really want their employees not to do the same. That is why integrity and honesty cannot be compromised at all.


Integrity means doing the right thing because the right thing is done. 

Leaders believe that truth and honesty must be upheld. They do not care even if they have to become leaders who are not liked or are not well-known among their employees, because for them the truth is something that must be upheld. This is also their expectation for employees. They want their employees to always say and behave honestly, and maintain their integrity. Although the employee is not or is not well known by the leaders.


Integrity and honesty of the heart are applied not to seek popularity, but both are indeed necessary.


Integrity and honesty of heart need to be applied in ‘Giving’ and ‘Keeping Promises’. 

Have your fellow readers ever been upset with someone who didn’t keep their promise? If so, then it is very annoying right? Leaders strongly believe that integrity and honesty are two things that are very important in making promises and fulfilling them. When we make an appointment with someone, we will be very careful in determining the schedule. We will not easily make promises, even though we ourselves are not sure we can fulfill them or not.


When we are sure that the promise will be fulfilled, we will also follow up on that promise without fail and without disappointing any party. But if there really is an obstacle that can’t be avoided, so we can’t fulfill that promise. The solution is to be honest or honest with the person concerned. Being straightforward will make us someone who is suitable to be an effective leader.


It’s already quite clear, how integrity and honesty of heart are related to each other?


Leaders with High Integrity will not be Afraid to Spread the Truth. 

In short, leaders who have high integrity will never be afraid to spread or tell the truth. The principle that they always hold fast is “We will see the world as it is, not as what we want”.


If reality says “A,” then say it honestly! And don’t change “A” to “B” or “C”. Honesty is often painful, but at least it will not harm us in the future.


Leaders must be brave to speak the truth, but they must also be open and admit mistakes if they do make a mistake. The problem is, there are many leaders who don’t dare to admit their mistakes. Indirectly, they do not have integrity and honesty of heart. So, how can we expect to have employees with high integrity, if we just don’t want to admit the mistakes made?


That is why at the beginning of the article we explained that integrity and honesty of heart are important to be applied by anyone and anywhere.


Integrity and honesty of heart is a sign of true leadership

These two criteria are very important, because true leaders must have these two characteristics, without exception. They know and realize that success must be sought and there is no instant way to get there. So, they have never cheated anything. In addition, there should be no exceptions to honesty and integrity, because integrity is a state of mind and not situational.


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