The importance of food if you plan to become pregnant

Men and women are different because of the action of hormones. Males have a higher amount of androgens, while they have estrogens. These are responsible for differentiating them sexually, but also, they are hormones that are needed, especially for women, to be healthy.

Antonia González , integrative embryologist, creator and director of Natural PsychoFertility , stresses that food is essential, especially for those women who wish to become mothers. «One of the most common hormonal disorders is the excess of estrogens in the blood. Every day I see women who have this dysfunction, and this excess and poor hormonal metabolism, generates many symptoms and alterations in the body, and not only in fertility, “he explains.

The female menstrual cycle is broadly divided into two phases: the follicular and the luteal. The first has an estrogenic predominance and the second phase a progestogen (progesterone) predominance and “both must be in perfect balance so that we do not have problems, but in many women there is a progesterone deficiency, which is accompanied by an excess of estrogens in the first part of the cycle, “he explains.

How to improve this hormonal imbalance through food? “The first thing we should know is that the more fat we accumulate in excess in the body, the more estrogens we will have in the blood, so we must have a healthy weight , neither in excess nor in defect, because the low weight can also cause hormonal problems” , Explain.

It is about maintaining a healthy diet and, for this, the following premises must be taken into account:

—Remove simple sugars from the diet and dispense with simple cereals and refined flours. Also artificial sweeteners. Just because you take “sugar-free” products doesn’t mean they are healthier, as they contain sweeteners that have a similar effect on our hormones.

—Be careful with alcohol, of course, since any toxic that makes the liver work harder will be detrimental to its detoxifying function. The liver is one of the main responsible for eliminating excess estrogens from the body, so try not to give it extra work.

—Also our liver is in charge of eliminating preservatives, dyes, chemicals … from the foods we eat because they are useless, and have been shown to be pro-inflammatory products.

—The intestine is another great responsible for the hormonal balance, therefore, all the foods that help to maintain a healthy microbiota in it, will help the estrogenic excess. There are products that are prebiotics and probiotics, such as kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, miso, dark chocolate, oatmeal, artichoke, garlic, potato, male green banana, among others.

—In the daily diet there must be fruit and vegetables . A minimum of 5 pieces a day is recommended, preferably more vegetables than fruit.

– Green tea has been shown to contain isoflavones that regulate the conversion of androgens to estrogens, so drinking green tea may decrease hyperestrogenism.

– Cruciferous, or what is the same, broccoli , cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and any type of cabbage, all of them are great allies of hierestrogenism, since they contain indole-3-carbinol, a component that regulates hierestrogenism and of which There are already many published studies with really good results. For example, it is related to the prevention of breast cancer , precisely because breast cancer has an estrogen-dependent component.

Estrogenic excess causes chronic low-grade inflammation, so all those foods that are anti-inflammatory will always be positive for hormonal imbalance, such as:

Omega 3 , which can be found in fatty fish, in olive oil, flax or chia seeds, nuts such as walnuts, and avocado, which is so fashionable now because it has a lot of fat, but from the « good ”, from which hormones need.

Turmeric , another great protagonist of recent years, and with good reason, because this species, turmeric, has many benefits, is anti-inflammatory, since it reduces Interleukin-6, which is an inflammatory factor. Furthermore, it is an antioxidant and an excellent immunoregulator. Of course, it is recommended that it be accompanied with pepper so that it can be properly absorbed.

And more generally, you should avoid processed products and opt for vegetables, fish and not abuse meat, everything always in balance. “Eat like our grandparents ate, real food,” says this expert.


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