The importance of aesthetics in cancer patients

It is known that one of the things that most discourages those who undergo cancer treatment, in addition to the severity of the disease, is hair loss, not only on the head, but also on the eyelashes and eyebrows. Feeling like always is essential when it comes to the hard battle and to achieve this there are aesthetic professionals totally dedicated to achieving it, such as the aesthetic center, Celia Catalán, specialized in cancer patients in Majadahonda . We have spoken with its director who explains the reason for this beautiful initiative:

“Where does the initiative come from to put together something so beautiful?” What were the experiences that prompted you to do it?

I have always worked in healthcare, in the management area, but very close to patients. In my last experience in the sector, I collaborated with the start-up of the oncology service and the oncology day hospital at Hospital Quirón Madrid . This means establishing circuits, patient flows, etc.… In short, favoring and facilitating patient access and use of the different services and units through which they must pass to be treated. This implies a full knowledge of the staff in all areas, both their professionalism and the service provided. Internally, it seemed to me that everything was “controlled” but I always wanted more with respect to the emotional aspect and aesthetic care of the patient. The oncologists , andIn general conventional medicine , are concerned with treating disease not the soul . And always, somehow, I saw patients trying to ask the nurses questions about these needs, so as not to inconvenience or interrupt the doctor. Then I thought that this aspect had to be treated differently, in a less “express” way and with much more care.

So, after seven years in the Hospital, I decided to get started with that project. Create a center where those emotional and aesthetic aspects could be dealt with in an accessible, facilitating and harmonious way. In February of this year, Celia Catalán’s project came to light. A Beauty Center, Specialized in Oncology . A place where we work for a concept of integral, organic and natural beauty that seeks to make you look good on the outside so that you feel better on the inside.

To contribute to that goal, we have brought together:

—Hair dress: synthetic and natural hair wigs, made by hand and / or machine.

—Custom caps, scarves and hats: The important thing about these is that they are handcrafted by small manufacturers and we can adapt them to the needs of each client: materials, design, linings …

– Corsetry, swimwear and post mastectomy prosthetics

—Eyebrow makeup

—Beauty and makeup treatments with organic products and without petrochemical substances that we have available to continue with care at home.

—What kind of psychological support do they have? How do they work?

We do not offer the service of any therapist in psychology because in that case we would have to function as a medical center and that is not the idea. But, for our part, we always try to contribute to the improvement of the emotional aspect with that of the physical aspect. We also prepare talks and workshops on topics of interest about the disease. As for example one on “Toxicity in cosmetics for daily use and environmental pathologies” that aroused much interest among all our participants. We are increasingly interested in “purifying” our personal care habits a bit. We also prepare workshops on guidelines on how to apply makeup or correct skin changes derived from treatments and on the different ways to put on turbans or scarves.

“How do you feel when you see that you help them feel better?”

The reception that the project has had is the best part. Despite the fact that we have only been around for a short time, when new patients come in, they often tell us how gratifying it has been to find a center dedicated to the care of these important aspects during the process of their illness. In addition, we try to put all our love with each case and solve the needs in the most adapted way possible for each person. The best thing about this work is the feeling that you get when you see that the person’s expression has completely changed when they leave; either with a wig on, after hydration…. The “illumination of eyes” is the most beautiful thing that exists.

—Why is aesthetics so important in a process such as cancer?

– The current treatments for the disease , although they improve day by day, have not yet managed to eliminate the alterations they produce in the body. At the aesthetic level, changes also appear that affect the patient’s habitual image and emotionally, that plays a very important role. Looking good in front of the mirror causes a pleasant sensation that has a direct impact on improving mood and making us feel stronger and more eager to look ahead.

– Does beauty affect the state of mind and therefore in being better?

-Absolutely. A gesture as simple as putting on an eyebrow when it is depopulated or has disappeared, may be what excites the most and frames the face of a woman. Looking good to feel better is simply essential.


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