How to implement benefits in the company: 5 actions to put into practice

Attracting and retaining good talent are among the most important measures to make a company more competitive. But how to do that? The first step is to offer good pay to employees . And we’re not just talking about wages. You also need to know how to implement benefits in the company .

D put together a package and benefits seems to be easy, but it is actually not so simple. It is necessary to study the market, the needs of the team and use creativity to stand out.

With that in mind, we have put together in this article everything you need to know about how to implement benefits in the company. Want to know more? Check it out below!


What are benefits?

Benefits are advantages that companies offer in addition to employees’ salaries. They are part of the so-called indirect remuneration, which also includes bonuses, awards and profit sharing.

Legally, it is not possible to convert benefits into cash , as their taxation is different from that of salary. If this is done, the company will be breaking the law and could face punishment .

In Brazil, CLT defines some mandatory benefits , such as transportation vouchers , 13th salary and vacation . There are others that are not required by law, but are common in almost all organizations, such as food stamps and health insurance .

However, to stand out, the company must go far beyond the basics .

It is necessary to be creative and offer advantages that contribute to the quality of life . Each day, new benefit options emerge to delight and motivate employees , such as:

  • free snacks during working hours;
  • agreements with gyms;
  • culture voucher;
  • partnerships with educational institutions;
  • differentiated awards, such as trips and dinners;
  • playroom;
  • birthday day off;
  • permission to take a pet ( pet day ).


How to implement implement benefits in the company?

Within a company, any change or novelty must be carefully inserted to increase employee acceptance.

So, if you want to implement a new benefits package in your organization, you will need a lot of study and planning .

After all, offering benefits only to comply with the table is not the most appropriate attitude. Employees will notice the lack of care and the investment will be in vain, as it will not be relevant.

Therefore, we have prepared the ideal step by step for you to learn how to implement benefits in the company in the most efficient way possible. See below!


1. Analyze employee needs

The best way to find out what employees want is to ask them. Do a survey with employees to find out their main interests and what they expect from the company.

Answers may vary according to each person’s profile , time of life and salary range. This can be a great opportunity to create customized benefit packages for each group of employees, increasing acceptance of the benefits offered.

Among a list of benefits, ask people to answer which ones they would like to receive and why. Thus, HR will have concrete data to make decisions with precision.


2. Do market research

In addition to analyzing the internal scenario, it is also essential to observe what is happening outside the company . Do market research to find out what advantages your main competitors are offering to employees.

This is a great tactic to see gaps in other companies’ benefit packages, and differentiate yourself with strategies they don’t use.

The opposite is also valid: if there is something that only your competitor offers, it is worth thinking about ways to improve the idea to use it in your company.

Make sure the benefits you provide are not below the market average. This is an important competitive factor, as it is directly related to attracting and retaining talent .


3. Cost planning

With all the information in hand, it’s time to effectively start putting together the benefits package .

Consider the employees’ preferred options, the most desired benefits in the market and start negotiating with partners and suppliers.

At this stage, cost planning is very important. Offer employees only benefits that fit the company’s budget .

Before implementing any measure to increase the team’s satisfaction, it is essential to adjust the cash so as not to compromise the company’s financial health .

As much as you want to deploy specific packages for each group of employees, remember to keep the cost level balanced. Thus, you do not raise suspicions of favoritism, which can create a serious crisis in the organization’s people management .


4. Negotiate swaps

A good way to increase the benefits package without extrapolating the budget is to seek exchanges with other companies.

By exchanging services with partners, you can get discounts or gratuities for your team at a very low cost.

For example: if you have a marketing company , you can offer one of its services free of charge to a network of gyms.

In return, you receive discount vouchers to distribute to your employees. It is a fair agreement for everyone involved, in which all parties win.

Research well and contact these potential partners. Then, negotiate the details of the contracts, solve the bureaucratic part and get everything ready. If these benefits are useful for everyday life, they will certainly be very successful among your employees.


5. Communicate changes to employees

With everything resolved, report the changes clearly and explain to employees how the new benefits work.

To do this, use the organization’s communication channels , such as e-mail, intranet and other tools . Another good tip is to call everyone to a general meeting, in order to clarify the news.

Thus, everything happens with transparency, without surprises. In addition, giving good news is always a good way to bring employees closer, improving the team’s trust in the company and the organizational climate .


Now that you know how to implement benefits in the company, how about putting what you learned into practice? As we saw throughout the post, the secret is in the planning .

Do an analysis of the scenario , consider the financial balance and choose the most relevant advantages for your team . Thus, the news will certainly be very successful among employees!


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