If I uninstall Telegram, how do I appear in the application?

When it comes to uninstalling, we always ask ourselves , if I uninstall Telegram, how do I appear in the application? The most recommended thing is that, before deleting any application from our mobile, we first delete our user from said application , so that there is no trace of our presence on each platform.

If we have uninstalled Telegram without previously deleting our user, it is most likely that we will still appear in the contact list of the people who have our number if six months have not passed since the uninstallation, a period after which they usually self-destruct . Usually, people who uninstall this app have used it in a timely manner and a default profile picture appears with their initials.

It can also be detected that we do not have the application when the message “last. It’s been a long time ago ”, which implies that there has not been a regular use of Telegram and we probably abandoned it. Another clue to know that someone no longer has the application on their mobile can be seen when sending a message. All those who want to write to us will see how only the message sent tick appears on their screens, but not the double tick that implies that it has been viewed by us, something impossible since we have already uninstalled the application.

Telegram has an option activated by default that eliminates all the data of users who have not accessed the application in six months . To be able to modify this option, enter the main menu (in the icon with three stripes that you will find at the top left) and access ‘Settings’. Next, click on ‘Privacy and security’ and scroll down to the ‘Delete my account’ section.

There you will see that the option ‘If I am out’ is activated with a period of six months. Click there and you can choose the period of time for your profile to self-destruct in case you don’t use it.


It is one of the most surprising phenomena for many users, who are wondering what account deleted on Telegram means . This message appears when one of our contacts decides to delete his user account or in those cases in which it was the application itself that has proceeded to delete his user after exceeding the inactive period of six months to which we previously referred. This implies that all the data of that user has been deleted (or is in the process of being deleted ) from Telegram’s servers.


If in your case you uninstalled the application at the time and now you want to know how to recover a deleted Telegram account , all you have to do is download it again and create your username again by entering your phone number. The application will send you a code and will request the corresponding permissions to access your phonebook to contact your friends and acquaintances who already have Telegram and you will be able to use it regularly, joining groups and using all its functions.

What you will not be able to recover are your past conversations . When an account is deleted, either by the user’s own will or at the initiative of Telegram after exceeding the set inactivity time, all conversations are lost and are deleted from the servers .

Error proof : In a first version of this article it was mentioned that the double tick in Telegram chat messages implied that the message had been received. Actually, the second tick indicates that the message has been read or displayed on the screen from the chat.


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