Ideas for Commercial Bathroom Stall Dividers

There are plenty of options for bathroom stall dividers and decorations that will work for your commercial business. Choose the style that will fit the taste of your patrons to ensure that they have a nice overall impression of your business. There are sanitary and graffiti-prevention systems you can adopt when designing a bathroom stall divider.

Painted wood

Build your own stall walls out of the wood, and hire a sculptor to paint them. Wood will create a soft, organic feeling in the bathroom. Let mural artists know what kind of painting you want, what an outdoor or fantasy scene or abstract geometric pattern, and what kind of colors you might like: Brights, neutrals and pastels are all good choices for bathrooms. Finish the walls with a washable outer coat, as the stall walls need to be clean and able to withstand wear and tear.

Sheets of metal

The metal sheet in the bathroom stall is steep. A glossy stainless steel with its glossy surface, graffiti will be discouraged. Iron or non-stainless steel allows you to trap magnetic poems or letters on the stall walls to encourage the writing of a rugged bathroom wall. There are also technical options such as crushed copper walls or plain metal walls covered in plain and an epoxy coating. Smooth metal walls will prove much easier to clean than bumpy metal walls. Metal not metal is a hostile environment for germs, making it a good bathroom choice.


Set up stall dividers of any kind, but attach large, frame chalkboards to the wall. This is good for graffiti-prone bathrooms, such as bars or cafes. Periodically refill a small box of aunts near toilet paper. You can take more interesting artwork or conversation photos that appear on the bathroom walls and tap them on a border near the bathroom mirror for decoration. Chalkboards are easy to wipe clean and your commerical space will make the bathroom a memorable experience.

Post information

Use stall dividers to convey important information to your sponsors. Try to use information related to those who use your bathroom: if you run a bar, provide information about sexual consent; If you run a restaurant, about the upcoming event; If you are a market owner, choose environmental food. Posting is not too loud, though, or your patrons may avoid going to your organization because they feel they are being taken advantage of.


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