What is the ideal amount of chocolate per day? What are its benefits?

Chocolate is one of the most favorite foods in the world. And it brings with it several benefits, but for them to be able to act properly it is necessary to consume only the ideal amount per day , which according to the Ministry of Health is only 30 grams. It seems to be little more is ideal for its real benefits to come to the fore. Check out what they are!


What is the best type of chocolate?

Milk chocolate is the least advisable as it contains the most calories and the least percentage of cocoa. The ideal to be part of your diet is dark chocolate that contains more cocoa in its composition and less sugars.



The feeling of well-being caused by chocolate is supported by the action of endorphins and dopamine, related to relaxation . Some scientists claim that the delight is able to increase the production of these substances.


Arterial flow

Studies show that consumption of dark chocolate improves blood flow and is good for cardiovascular health by decreasing the tendency of platelets to clot and blood vessel obstruction. It helps to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.


Favors physical activities

It helps to decrease cardiovascular risk during medium-length physical exercises, as it facilitates vasodilation, thus attenuating the blood pressure induced by exercise, which helps in better performance and efficiency in exercise.


Helps in skin protection

Regular consumption of flavonoid-rich cocoa has significant photo-protective action, helping to minimize the appearance of blemishes, psoriasis, acne and even skin cancer. However, chocolate in no way replaces sunscreen . It is just another feature that can reduce the damage caused by UV rays to the skin.


Prevents bowel cancer

Researchers at Georgetown University, in the United States, disclosed in 2008 that chocolate can help fight bowel cancer. This is because some molecules present in cocoa, called procyanidins, have antioxidant properties , which would serve to protect cells from tumor degenerations.


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