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If you’ve used an Apple device at least once , you’ve probably heard of iCloud , the online storage service for photos, files and many other personal items. Nowadays, cloud storage services are becoming more and more used by users, given their convenience and the many benefits they offer.

In fact, by using a cloud storage service you will no longer depend on a device, as your files will be available on all the platforms you want. Speaking of iCloud , which is free up to a certain storage space, several paid versions are also available, which offer several additional benefits to users.

With the advent of iOS 15 iCloud + was introduced , which replaces the previous subscription and adds other interesting advantages. To better understand its operation and its costs, we at ChimeraRevo have decided to summarize all the main news of the Apple home service and help you, therefore, to understand what iCloud + actually is, how it works and what prices it presents .

How to backup to iCloud

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  1. What is iCloud + and what it offers
  2. iCloud + storage plans
  3. Activate iCloud +

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  1. Use iCloud Photos
  2. How to backup with iCloud +
  3. How to create a sharing link with iCloud
  4. How to activate Apple One

What is iCloud + and what it offers

As mentioned earlier, iCloud + is Apple’s cloud storage service. Among the many advantages it offers, the most interesting is certainly the possibility of synchronizing and storing all your files, making them available on any device that has your account entered and, moreover, significantly freeing up the space on the internal memory of your Apple device.

With iOS 15, Apple introduced iCloud +, a replacement for its predecessor, which, keeping the prices already known, adds several interesting features, which we will see later.

So what are the advantages of using iCloud +?

  • Storage of photos and videos : you will have all your photos and videos available on any device you use, also freeing up space on your iPhone
  • iCloud Drive : to keep your files safe
  • App synchronization : to increase productivity and automatically update all your activities on each device (calendar, notes, reminders and much more)
  • Messages : iCloud automatically syncs your messages, so that they can also be found on your Mac or on your new iPhone, should you change it
  • Automatic backup : with iCloud a periodic automatic backup will be performed, in order to keep all your data safe and available in any eventuality
  • Private Relay (paid plans only) – Hides the user’s IP address and browsing activities on Safari, as well as protecting unencrypted internet traffic
  • Hide my email (paid plans only): Keep your personal email private by creating random addresses where messages are forwarded to your inbox

ICloud + storage plans

Apple offers users several storage plans, to choose according to their needs:

  • Free plan : it offers 5GB, therefore useful for those who intend to synchronize only data such as calendar, contacts and notes
  • 50GB plan (€ 0.99 / month) : the most used plan, with which it is possible to store, in addition to simple data, also photos and videos
  • 200GB plan (€ 2.99 / month) : Do you have several Apple devices in the family and would like to share your files in one place? Then this is the plan for you
  • 2TB plan (€ 9.99 / month) : for those who do not want space limits and need to store a huge amount of data

Activate iCloud +

iCloud + can be activated in several ways, all very simple and fast:

iPhone / iPad

If you are using an iPhone or iPad :

  • Go to the Settings of the device
  • Click on your name
  • Continue to iCloud
  • Continue on Manage space , then on Change plan (or Change storage plan)
  • Select the plan you intend to activate and complete the purchase


Do you intend to activate Apple’s cloud storage service via your Mac ?

  • Click on the apple- shaped icon , located at the top left
  • Continue to System Preferences
  • Click on iCloud , then click Manage
  • Next, click Buy more space (or Change storage plan)
  • At this point, select the plan you intend to activate and complete the purchase


ICloud + can also be activated on a Windows PC . However, it is good to know that some features are only available using iOS 15 or Monterey . On a Windows PC, you can take advantage of photo storage and manage your subscription.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store , download and install iCloud
  • Start the program and log in by entering your Apple ID
  • Then click on Archive
  • Continue on Change storage plan
  • Select the plan you intend to activate and complete the purchase

Use iCloud Photos

One of the main reasons that pushes users to subscribe to iCloud + lies in the synchronization of photos and videos, which with iOS and Apple’s cloud storage service is very simple and effective. In fact, by storing photos and videos on iCloud +, as well as keeping files safe in case of problems or breaking the device, you will free up the internal memory.

  • Open the Settings of your Apple device
  • Click on your name
  • Continue on Photos
  • Activate the checkbox for iCloud Photos
  • Then choose whether to optimize the space on the device or whether to keep the original files (if you optimize the space on the iPhone, the files will not be completely deleted from the device, but if you open them they will be downloaded at the moment)

How to backup with iCloud +

Making a backup of a device is one of the most important operations to preserve your data and files. Once you have purchased the iCloud + subscription plan, it is one of the first operations you need to do!

To backup with iCloud +:

  • Go to the Settings of your Apple device (iPhone / iPad or Mac)
  • Click on your name
  • Continue on iCloud , then on iCloud Backup
  • Activate the check, then, click on Back up now
  • Wait for the operation to complete (the waiting time depends on the amount of data on your device)

How to create a sharing link with iCloud

One of the lesser known, but very useful, functions concerning iCloud (even the free version) is the creation of a sharing link . In fact, if you intend to share any type of file with other users, you can send a link with which to start the related download. This function is therefore very useful for large files.

To create a sharing link with Apple Photos :

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone / iPad
  • Select the item you want to send
  • Press the share button , located at the bottom right on the iPhone and at the top left on the iPad
  • Next, click on Copy iCloud link
  • Send the link to the user, pasting it into the platform you use

To create a sharing link with Apple Files :

  • Open the Files app on your iPhone / iPad
  • Locate the file of your interest and open it
  • Press the share button , located at the bottom right on the iPhone and at the top left on the iPad
  • Next, tap on Share files on iCloud

How to activate Apple One

Apple allows its users to subscribe to iCloud in an even more advantageous way. In fact, with Apple One , in addition to the cloud storage service, you will have access to a series of really interesting additional advantages:

  • Apple Music : Apple ‘s music streaming service
  • Apple TV : On-demand streaming service featuring movies and TV series
  • Apple Arcade : gaming service that offers unlimited access to a series of exclusive video games, constantly updated

If you are interested in the service offered by the Cupertino company or if you want to know more about how it works, I invite you to read our detailed guide in which we explain what Apple one is and how it works .

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