I was mistakenly charged money in Fortnite – How do I request a refund

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I Have Been Charged a Money by Mistake in Fortnite – How Do I Request Refund

Fortnite world

This fantastic and dynamic game is the product of the development of the imposing company Epic Games. Launched in 2017, it has positioned itself as one of the favorites within the gamer community .

And is that its fantasy plot to save the planet from a zombie invasion, generates concern and adrenaline on the part of those who play it. However, in its Battle Royale category, the competition is fierce, multiplayer with only one goal: to survive.

Despite the fact that this game is completely free, the Epic Games company raises millions of dollars through the purchase of various game accessories.

It is important to note that these money investments are under your full responsibility . However, if you have made a purchase by mistake or have changed your mind about the item purchased, you can request a refund.

Charges by mistake: Fortnite

Video game companies increasingly raise the stakes being directly proportional to the demands of users. Surpassing barriers and expectations, in addition to having more than three million fans around the world, is Fortnite.

To improve the experience, the platforms offer options to purchase accessories, which can only be carried out if the user authorizes this to be the case. But what do I do if I am charged by mistake?

Do not despair, this article will show you how you can request a refund , alleviating the anguish generated by this uncomfortable and unfortunate situation.

Steps to request a refund

Importantly, the game grants the account three refund requests . Once you have exhausted all return options, you will not be able to request them again, under any circumstances. So you must use with caution and intelligence, the opportunities you have to carry out the refund successfully.

To complete the request, you just have to follow these short and simple steps , which will make the return process a successful event.

  1. Logged into the official Epic Games page, and then into your Fortnite account , click on the main menu.
  2. Go to the ” Settings ” section
  3. Select the option “Account and privacy”
  4. Position yourself in the ” Send a request ” section
  5. Once the list of the last items purchased is displayed, select the one you want to return.
  6. A window will pop up with options including “Purchase by mistake”, “Unauthorized purchase” and “Unexpected object”.
  7. Choose an option according to the corresponding case.
  8. In the next window select the option “Send return request”
  9. Finally, two buttons will be shown, where they will show the amount of returns that you have left, selecting the ” Yes ” option .
  10. Ready! The refund has been made successfully.

What items can I refund?

Unfortunately not all items obtained can be reimbursed . It is important to know what products you can return and in what period of time it can be carried out.

Each purchase must be carried out within the Epic Game Store , if the purchase was made outside of it, it will be impossible to make a refund . Items that you can return include accessories such as costumes, tools, stelae, hang gliders, and loading screens.

Battle Passes and their tiers, as well as V-Bucks and Loot Llamas, cannot be returned, as they are consumable and contain random prizes. The time you have to request a refund is thirty days. After this, you will not be able to make any refund.

To play!

Fortnite is a game designed for lovers of adrenaline and intense battles. What are you waiting for to be part of this great community? Experience acute emotions and dynamism in combat. Are you ready?


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