I love you my love: Here are the 100 reasons

Have you ever taken the time to explain to your sweetheart why you love them? No ? In a romantic relationship, it is very important to say “I love you my love” and to show that these are not just empty words.


Your man may appear strong, macho and unwavering… Yet he too needs to be reassured about the sincerity and depth of your feelings. If one day he asks you the question: “but why do you love me”; don’t be taken by surprise.


Prepare the ground with these 100 reasons why we love our man. You can use them as is or use them as inspiration to write your own list.


It can also be a game between you: you can challenge yourself to give each other one reason per day that explains your feelings for the other. It will strengthen your bond and create more physical and emotional intimacy. “I love you my love” will then be like an icing on the cake. The cake being those compliments.


I love you my heart because you accept my imperfections

Nobody is perfect. Neither you nor him. Yet this man accepts you as you are and you are infinitely grateful to him. What you see as imperfections, he perceives as rather cute character traits. So don’t hesitate to tell him that you love him for it! “I love you my love because…”:


  1. You make me happy.


  1. You make me be better every day.


  1. You support me.


  1. You love me even when I am unable to love myself.


  1. You love me even when I behave like I don’t love you.


  1. You forgive me easily.


  1. You understand me and when you don’t, you do everything to get an explanation on the things that are not clear to you.


  1. You respect my limits. And, you only cross them when you know it’s going to help me.


  1. You accept my sadness and my anger and live in harmony with them.


  1. You accept me as I am, imperfect!


I love you my love because you are honest with me

Without sincerity and communication, a romantic relationship is doomed to failure. You can’t start something genuine and lasting with someone who is lying to you. Honesty is the key to a happy couple. Tell him, using the reasons listed below:


  1. You surrender to me.


  1. You are honest and vulnerable with me.


  1. You don’t play games.


  1. You changed your flaws because they didn’t define you, and all that for me.


  1. You do everything you can to be a better person, for yourself and for us.


  1. You are courageous.


  1. You listen to me when you know I’m right.


  1. You are in therapy.


  1. You take care of your body.


  1. You take care to maintain a good relationship with your family.


I love you my heart because in my eyes your physique is perfect

You are so in love that all you see is male perfection! Oh yes, he is beautiful… Magnificent… Grandiose. Tell her you love her for it and you’ll see her pride and ego rise (which is very attractive, by the way). “I love you my love because…”:


  1. You have the most beautiful eyes in the world. It’s not just gorgeous blue eyes but eyes that always answer “yes” when I wonder if you love me.


  1. You have a tender, innocent smile that comforts me.


  1. You are sad and you are not afraid to share this sadness with me.


  1. You have soft skin; I could spend hours caressing her.


  1. You have beautiful and strong hands; they give me a feeling of security.


  1. You have a wonderful attribute that satisfies me, gives me energy and always reminds me that I belong to you.


  1. Your muscular back and shoulders give you the power to conquer me.


  1. You have a perfect masculine butt that I love to pinch.


  1. Your energy is pure and brilliant.


  1. You have a soft, calm voice that relaxes me when I’m on my nerves.


I love you my love because you have the qualities of the ideal man

Do you remember Prince Charming from fairy tales? Well, who would have believed it, you live with him now. Don’t hesitate to tell your man that you love him because you appreciate his extraordinary qualities. The reasons for your love for him are also hidden in his character.


  1. The stories you write entertain and inspire me.


  1. You are the only person who can make me laugh more than I do anything to myself.


  1. You entertain me, make me laugh and inspire me by reading your stories aloud.


  1. You know everything about everything (and not in the pejorative sense of the word). I love it when you talk about the great times of our past because I am rather ignorant on this subject.


  1. You know how to make me smile when I’m sad.


  1. You share your strength with me when I am weak.


  1. You have a unique style and you are cool.


  1. You are beautiful, sexy and attractive.


  1. Your sexuality is pervasive and you share it with me.


  1. You are smart and you learn fast.


  1. You have managed to gain my trust more than anyone before you.


  1. You are the person to whom I allocated my financial dependence.


  1. You teach me to love unconditionally.


  1. You let me be myself and you encourage me to discover myself more.


  1. You invest in yourself.


  1. You trust my intuition.


  1. You have taken the first step.


  1. You care about me and take care of me.


  1. You love our dog and take care of him.


  1. You respect my friends and you make an effort to maintain special bonds with them.


I love you my heart because you take care of me

He is so adorable when he takes care of you. It helps you carry the groceries, it makes you laugh when you are sad, and gives you the boost you need to move forward. All this attention that he gives you only makes your feelings for him stronger.


  1. When I’m stuck, you help me find a solution.


  1. You always drop me off at the airport (and you pick me up) when I’m traveling alone.


  1. You do your best to make my life easier, even when it is difficult and unmanageable.


  1. You want to know how I feel, every moment.


  1. You love the beautiful pleasures of luxury and you incorporate them into our life, when we can afford it.


  1. You are someone I can trust.


  1. You courageously listen to my complaints and you accept them.


  1. You are interested in my relationship with my parents.


  1. You care about my career, my success and my happiness.


  1. You take care of my body, you love it and accept it.


  1. Thou hast once steadfast.


  1. You let me massage you and you always return the favor.


  1. You chose me and you continue to do so every day.


  1. You kiss me gently and tenderly, always and everywhere.


  1. You do yoga with me.


  1. You remind me that I have to drink water.


  1. You encourage me to write.


  1. You are shy and you do not hide this character trait when you are with me.


  1. You know what I like about having sex.


  1. You know how to push me to push myself.


I love you my love because you are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside

We have already told you: you are in love; therefore, for you, your man is perfect in every sense of the word. But, he doesn’t necessarily know it. Here are the reasons why you love her soul as much as her body:


  1. You are tender and thoughtful.


  1. You dare to show me all the facets of your personality.


  1. You write a journal.


  1. You are clean.


  1. You love nature and the sea.


  1. You are ready to help me with household chores, whenever I ask you to.


  1. You wash the dishes more often than I do.


  1. You are ready to take risks and radical decisions, for me.


  1. You threw away most of your clothes that I hated.


  1. You are ready to build our bright future with me.


  1. You are doing all you can to heal my wounds.


  1. You share everything you have with me.


  1. I’m not afraid of falling because I know you are there to catch up with me.


  1. You take care of your male friends and you actively work to improve your relationships.


  1. People love you and everyone loves your company, especially children.


  1. You know how to feed us when I can’t.


  1. You are very connected to your roots and to the places of birth of your parents.


  1. You taught me to understand and appreciate nature, on a deeper level.


  1. You are able to live any lifestyle that fate imposes on us.


  1. You are tactile.


I love you my heart cause I don’t know why

Love cannot always be explained in words. You love it, that’s it! Then say to him: “I love you my love” for these few simple but important reasons:


  1. You bring down the walls that I have erected in a gentle and patient way.


  1. You don’t hesitate to tell me when I should be silent and to guide us when necessary.


  1. You wrote me two beautiful texts.


  1. You listened to your heart when we met and you chose the right path.


  1. When you first kissed me, it was at the right time and in the right place. It’s my favorite memory.


96 . You respect my opinion and we make all the important decisions together.


  1. You give me cute nicknames.


  1. You hug and kiss me before you fall asleep.


  1. You are wonderful for at least 100 other reasons.


  1. I love you for at least 100 other reasons.
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