I like astronomy, but I don’t know where to start

Buying a telescope is not the best way to start , in the same way that if you like mountaineering you will not start by going up 5000.

In bookstores you can find sky guides or planispheres that will allow you to begin to recognize constellations. With this, it is best to go outside, find a dark place, and start exploring the sky with the naked eye and with binoculars .

The most common and suitable binoculars are the 7×50 (that is, 7x magnification and 50mm in diameter for the objectives), or also the 10×50 (10x magnification and 50mm diameter for the objectives). Other increases and diameters may also work (try yours!).

In addition, if you place your binoculars on a tripod of those used for photography (in the opticians they usually also sell the necessary adapter to place it), they will become a small “telescope” very suitable to start discovering the satellites of Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy and a multitude of other objects.

Of course this is easier if you do it in the company of people who already know something. If you live in Cantabria, do not hesitate to contact us . Periodically we organize Initiation Courses  that may interest you. 

And if there is an Astronomical Association or Association near you , go to it and you will surely find good advice. The Groups are made up of people who, like you, are fond and curious about Astronomy and will help you.


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