It seems to be great to be a pet: human problems do not concern you, there is food, everyone is touched at the sight of you. But the developers of I Am Fish believe that at least among the fish there are those who are not very comfortable among people. Especially when friends with whom you spent time are taken away in an unknown direction.


Friends forever

I Am Fish begins with a short video – four completely different fish live in the same aquarium at a pet store, have fun and eat bread together. It does not even interfere with the fact that among them there is a piranha, which in reality it is better not to be near the others – a predator after all. At some point, the idyll collapses: locals buy all the fish and plant them in small, cramped aquariums in different parts of the city. Then they decide to run away.

It would be better to sit at home. More precisely, he swam.

The game was developed by the same people who did I Am Bread , so it’s easy to imagine what it is. Naughty physics, “wooden” controls and a bunch of tests at almost every step – everything is in place.

First, we control the goldfish – it realizes that it can push the aquarium and roll in the chosen direction, so it quickly gets out into the street and tries to get to the ocean. There are many obstacles on the way: first you have to move from one roof to another, using wires as rails, then visit the sewers, swim to the fountain, cross several roads with merciless traffic, and so on.

Is this considered a soft landing?

When you pass three levels, other fish become available, and they differ from the first in special skills. A fugu can inflate and roll on the ground, a piranha grabs its teeth at red objects, and a flying fish spreads its fins in the air and turns into an airplane. All of them are united by the ability to dive deeply and jump high, which is necessary to overcome some obstacles, and they all die if they are out of the water for a long time.

Difficulties in life

In I Am Fish there are original moments like the flooding of the apartment, the episode with the drunkard in the bar and a couple of comical levels, but there are also passing scenes. Despite the fact that there are only three mini-adventures associated with each fish, some of them seem to be added simply to stretch the timing – like, for example, the first one and a half levels for a fugue, in which you simply roll forward and jump over stones. There are also frankly prolonged episodes when the same mechanic is used 10 or 15 times in a row.

All the same, I was not going to live here.

The main problem of the game is control. When the fish is in the aquarium, it is difficult to control it, but it is tolerable – it slows down reluctantly, but if you do not accelerate once again, then it will be difficult to break when falling. Another thing is when a fish jumps into an oblong jar – if you bury your nose in a corner, the jar will begin to turn. And often at such moments, the authors add more difficult conditions: either you need to hide from the seagulls breaking the jar after a few touches, then you need to maneuver between people walking in the park.

Surely someone likes games in which you need to master non-standard controls, learn and pass the levels faster each time, but there is no incentive to do this. When you finish an episode, having died two dozen times in the last 15 minutes, and you see one out of five stars in the final statistics, this does not encourage you to return to the very beginning and improve your result. You just move on and reach the ending, although not everyone will want to do this.

There are also collectibles here – these are, of course, slices of bread.

Well, it would be just a matter of management – here the save points are sometimes arranged anyhow. It happens that in the interval between two points you need to pass two or three mini-tests – if you fail one, get ready to repeat the rest over and over again. As a result, neither the fun music nor the cuddly Pixar – themed graphics save the day – the deliberately awkward gameplay makes it hard to shake off the feeling of wasting time.

I Am Fish , like I Am Bread , is a great game for streamers, youtubers and their viewers. As an ordinary game, it is not very interesting. There are good moments, the transitions from one situation to another can be funny, the graphics are not bad and go well with the gameplay. But at the same time, some spark is missing. The game is annoying because of the controls and dishonest situations, then it becomes boring in simple episodes – neither fish nor meat.

Pros: Great visual style reminiscent of Pixar ‘s work ; some funny situations that fish get into; heroes differ in abilities, which brings variety to the gameplay.

Cons: deliberately inconvenient control is annoying; save points are sometimes spaced far apart; some episodes are boring due to excessive simplicity; there is no incentive to improve results.

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