A Husband and Four Wives? Polygamy in Islam

If you want to criticize us because we can have four wives, how many girlfriends can you legally have in the state of California? As many as fit your car or van I think. There is no limit, you can even rent a bus.

But we have limits, we cannot have more than one (two, three and even four wives), unless we treat them with the same equality.

When the commandment came, it came to people who had more than four wives, and who had to divorce them because they could not treat them equally and some of them had more than four. So it didn’t come as good news for them, it came as bad news, because they had to divorce their wives.

And today, Muslims are the most monogamous of all people on Earth. And we don’t practice polygamy. It is called polygyny, because the woman is not marrying 4 or 5 or 10 husbands. Why? Because Islam has rights and limitations.

When a baby is born, a man should be responsible for taking care of that baby financially, not the woman, the man is responsible for that baby, this is your child and is he financially responsible for that child, yes or no? and when he dies, the inheritance is for that child and how can it go to the child if the child does not know who his father is? If a woman has more than one husband, how does the child know who the father is?

But note this, there is another point, I want you to think about it: a man is limited because, in Islam, he cannot marry a woman who is already married. So, if you have a community of 100 women, 99 are married, you only got one to choose from, but a woman can be in a community with 100 men and they can all get married and she can still choose from all these men except those who already have 4 wives, and she has the advantage of knowing how he treats other wives and she is assured by the Holy Quran that she will receive the same good treatment.

So the benefit is for the woman, not the man, because every time a man takes a wife, he takes on the obligation, the responsibility and he is ordained in the Holy Quran, chapter 4, verse 34, that men are the protectors and providers and maintainers of women. Men have this responsibility, but women do not have to pay a cent of their money to support the family. Even though she is a millionaire and he is the man who collects the garbage, he still has to spend all of it to take care of her.

By the way, my wife makes more money than I do in real life. She has a baking thing that she prepares at home; she makes cookies and stuff and at the end of each week she has more money than I do, so I remember her, even if you don’t have to, God gives big, big, Ajr (reward) for doing charity to the poor. She gets a lot of Ajr (reward) around her, I tell her, Alhamdulillah (Thank God).

So, this is something important and many women, when they realize their high position in Islam, they like it because they are treated like queens. If someone is going to treat you like a king, wouldn’t you like it? So, this is the next part of the verse, so the woman is devoutly obedient to God, and certainly to her husband too because she looks! “This man is really sacrificing himself for me. If I need anything for my health, shelter, clothes, food or drink, education for my children, this man has to take care of everything. ” And even if she has a career, she can keep her money. That is why it is not important for a woman to go out and make money anyway, because she can keep it.
When she inherits, everything stays with her. That is why, when there is inheritance, the boy receives a larger amount than the girl, because the boy spins and spends with women, while she keeps her part.

So, there is something in Islam that is not called equality, it is called equity. Equality means that everything is the same, well, it is not the same.

In reality, it is not the same. Can a man have a baby? I don’t think so, but a woman can do it. Therefore, the equity is that the man goes out and does the things that a woman cannot do, especially at that time of the month. And every month the woman has this period, when things are more difficult and uncomfortable for her, and the man has the responsibility to take care of her and it is not an option, it is an obligation.

by Abdullah Sam
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