Hungry stomachs, empty pockets and broken hearts teach life the best

An hungry stomach with empty pockets and a broken heart is the best teacher in life. I firmly believe that difficult situations in life teach people more than books. Books cannot empower a person. Yes, it is true that reading a book can get some temporary feeling but there is no way to understand reality.

There are some of us who spend thousands of money every day for no particular reason.

Examples: a large number of new expensive clothing, going out to the restaurant every day or buying a new expensive mobile phone. They cannot imagine their lives without money.

The hungry stomachs, empty pockets and broken hearts do not understand how hard it is for them. Because no such situation has come to their life.

However, those people who once had empty pockets and hungry stomachs would not spend money on unhealthy food or anything unnecessary. They can spend the money they need and demand.

People who live in poverty usually have a sense of intelligence and strong mindset. Because they know how difficult it is to not eat once, and how frustrating it is to have no money in the pocket.

Likewise with a broken heart. If a person can overcome treachery, his heart will be less sensitive and he will be more emotionally strong. So the next time this person does not suffer so much. Know – the way you can stand beside a person suffering from stress

If you are hungry for a day you know how to price food. If you are poor you know what the value of money is. If your heart is ever hit hard, you will be able to handle someone’s suffering. Read more – 5 benefits of working out of the Comfort Zone

As you know, it is difficult to be experienced and knowledgeable in life without difficulties and mistakes. But it is wise to teach by the mistakes of others rather than by one’s own mistakes.


by Abdullah Sam
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