Humane Labs Assault Heist in GTA Online:Guide

We show you a complete guide with everything you need to successfully carry out the Humane Labs Heist in GTA Online. Tips, better equipment, routes and strategies to follow and much more.


  1. Requirements to initiate Assault on Humane Laboratories
  2. Preparatory missions for Assault to Humane Laboratories
  3. Final Assault Mission on Humane Labs: Recommended Strategy
  4. Replay of the finishing blow and rewards

Laboratorios Humane assault is one of the blows available in GTA Online , multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V . This grand heist was added to the game in a free 2015 update and involves raiding the Humane Labs facility .

So that you do not have any kind of problem, here is a guide with all the details, tips and strategies to follow to successfully complete the Humane Labs Assault heist in GTA Online.


Requirements to start Assault on Humane Labs

The Humane Labs Assault hit can be started once we have completed the previous Prison Break hit . In turn, this can be done after completing The Fleeca Heist . All this as long as these two requirements are met:

  • You must have reached RP level 12 on your account .
  • You must have acquired a high-end apartment .

If you’ve already done all of this then Agent 14 will contact you to tell you about a new job related to Humane Labs.

Humane Labs Assault Preparatory Missions

Before we can deliver the big blow, of course, we must first prepare the ground and achieve several things that will be necessary for us to be successful in the final mission. Here the preparatory missions come into play , which in this case are a total of 5 , all available for 4 players:

Preparatory Mission – Codes

In this preparatory mission the team players are divided into several groups and must work together to obtain the codes for the key card.

  • The first objective:is to meet the contact, Karen, on Elgin Avenue, near an Ammu Nation.
  • The roles of the team are divided as follows:there is a buyer, a bodyguard for this, and two other bodyguards who are positioned on the nearby north and south rooftops.
  • When the contact appears:wait until enemy vehicles arrive and then take action. The idea is to use heavy fire to kill everyone.
  • Keep an eye on the nearby alleys:because reinforcements may arrive and crush you from there.
  • Once the enemies have been eliminated:pick up the briefcase to run away with it and return to the apartment. Cover your backs all together because more enemies will chase you, although they can be misled.

Preparatory Mission – Insurgents

The objective of this preparatory mission is to steal an Insurgents vehicle found in Davis Quartz, although of course it will be guarded by members of Merryweather .

The best way to steal the vehicle is to go all together towards the quarry and, from safe positions and at a good distance, eliminate all the enemies with sniper rifles . When the area is clean, go after the Insurgents and the rest of the mission will be a piece of cake because you can use the artillery of the vehicle to get rid of the guards and helicopters that are chasing you.

Preparatory mission – PEM

This preparatory mission will be available after you have done the previous two in any order. Then you will be commanded to go to El Burro Heights to take a boat. The idea is to get to an aircraft carrier at sea where you have to get an EMP.

  • Enemy resistance on the aircraft carrier is quite tough –so bring good gear to fight and progress towards the deck.
  • Ideally:one of the players focuses on stealing the Hydra with the EMP, while the rest give support and use the P-996 Lazer that are on the aircraft carrier.
  • On the flight from the aircraft carrier:generally a squad consisting of 10 enemy planes appears, in groups of two.
  • The Hydra must be brought:to Sandy Shores Airfield in one piece in order to complete the mission.

Preparatory Mission – Valkyrie

The objective of this preparatory mission is to steal a Valkyrie helicopter located in Port of South Los Santos , inside a base of operations. This is a mission with quite a few enemies, so prepare well before jumping into action.

  • In the place there will be:many guards waiting upon arrival, mercenaries in the back section of the port and also annoying and dangerous snipers.
  • Don’t get too far apart –and join forces to take them all down as you slowly make your way to the Valkyrie.
  • Once in the helicopter:everyone get on and flee the place. Of course they will haunt you. Depending on the skill of the pilot, you may mislead them all.
  • Although most likely you will have to kill them:with the turrets to reach the delivery point. Do not lower your guard because there is more than one group of helicopters.

Preparatory Mission – Deliver EMP

It is possible that this is the most complicated preparatory mission for many players, we already anticipate that you have to be patient and not rush it. In it we must go to the location of the Insurgent, north of Alamo Sea, where the vehicle with the PEM installed is located. It must be taken to the entrance of Humane Labs and Research , taking care not to damage or destroy the PEM or the car.

  • When entering the facilities:do it slowly and with caution, without attracting attention since stealth will be vital to avoid failing the mission.
  • For this reason, the following are recommended:weapons with a silencer to be able to kill guards and even coordinate to kill in pairs, which is much more effective.
  • You will receive control over the cameras in the area:before entering to be able to see where there are guards and where not, so be very attentive to this to chart a course and carry out the cleaning of the place.
  • When the area is clear:the Insurgent must be brought to the objective and one of the players must hack a panel to open the entrance to the garage.
  • After this you have to flee:but again, very important, without alerting the Merryweather convoy.

Humane Labs Assault Final Mission: Recommended Strategy

With the five preparatory missions completed, we can begin the final mission of the Humane Labs Assault Heist. At first you will all go to the Valkyrie helicopter , although later the squad must be divided into two groups or pairs; on the one hand the aerial equipment and on the other the ground equipment.

The aerial team

This team is made up of the pilot and the gunner , and their objectives are the following:

  • You must all fly together in the Valkyrie:to a marker in the sky, above the laboratory complex.
  • Once the jump point is reached:the pilot must remain stable while the ground team parachutes into the complex.
  • Then you have to defend the ground team:as reinforcements will begin to arrive both on the ground and in the air from members of Merryweather.
  • The idea here is that:the pilot is good, since he has to move and give stability so that the gunner can kill all the enemies quickly and efficiently.
  • After the attack:you will have to look for the flares of the ground team to be able to go and pick up your teammates.

The ground team

In this case, the pair should be made up of the two most skilled players in weapons and shootings. The objective of this team is the following:

  • After parachuting into the laboratories:your night vision goggles will activate and you will have to burst the control doors, for example with a C4 charge.
  • Make your way through the facilities:killing the enemies that appear, but do not trust, because they can also see you in the dark.
  • Finally you will reach some keyboards:in which you have to insert your cards simultaneously, that is, both at the same time.
  • You will do the data transfer:and you will have to rush to an elevator. Take it to go to the next floor.
  • Then you must go to the cooling tunnel:while more enemies attack you. Without too many surprises here.
  • Regroup on the beach:when you reach the tunnel you have to get into the water and dive through the tunnel to get to the beach, where you use the flares to show your position to the aerial team.

Escape from the blow

The flight is surely the easiest part . After the ground team does their job and the air team picks them up on the beach, you will only be left at full speed in the helicopter. Of course, enemies will appear to try to stop you , but the three crew members can use the artillery to finish them off while the pilot concentrates on avoiding them and moving on.

It is nothing that poses a serious problem . You will soon reach the end point where the mission will be concluded successfully.

Replay of the final blow and rewards

As with the rest of the GTA Online heists, the final blow of Assault on Humane Labs can be repeated uninterrupted whenever we want by paying $ 54,000 for planning costs.

These are the earnings we receive in each of the difficulties for successfully completing the stroke:

  • Potential winnings (easy):$ 270,000.
  • Potential earnings (in normal):$ 540,000.
  • Potential Winnings (Hard):$ 675,000.
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