Human Rights Day: What is it and how does the Human Rights Commission work?

It may be a case of mob lynching or compensation for someone. There may be a murder that has been given political color or police brutality with people. Or happened to someone. After every event, when there is a debate, there is also the matter of the Human Rights Commission .

There are almost daily reports that the Human Rights Commission reprimanded the police. The word Human Rights is once again in the news after the recent encounter by the Hyderabad Police by the accused. In the case of Rajiv Gandhi assassination, the Commission also came under considerable discussion.

In such a situation, it is important to know what is the Human Rights Commission and how it works. In fact, if any vandalism or excesses are committed on the common people on behalf of the public or towards the police or any system of government, then the Human Rights Commission monitors them.

What is human right?

In fact, human rights means all those rights which are related to the life of the person and his freedom, equality and respect. This right is clearly written in the name of Fundamental Rights in Part Three of the Indian Constitution. In addition, the rights that have been accepted by the United Nations after the international agreement are considered human rights. These rights include the right to live in a pollution-free environment, the right not to have torture and abusive behavior in police custody, and the right to respectful treatment of women.

What is the Human Rights Commission?

The Commission on Human Rights (28 October 1993) is an autonomous and public institution formed under the protection of the Human Rights Ordinance. It
was given a statutory basis by the Human Rights Act, 1993 . The National Human Rights Commission is responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights. The right to life, liberty, equality and dignity of a person guaranteed by the Constitution or an international agreement as defined by this Act. Human rights are different for different people. They are not static, but are dynamic in nature. New rights are recognized and implemented from time to time.

How does the Human Rights Commission work?

Any victim or any other person on his behalf can hear and take action on his petition in the Commission. In addition, the Commission can intervene in cases pending before the court with the approval of the court. The Commission has the power to inspect any jail by informing the authorities concerned in advance. The Commission also pays attention to treaties relating to human rights and works continuously to make them more effective.


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