Five Ways To Avoid Aerophagia( Air Swallowing) While Eating

Aerophagia or Air Swallowing is  excessive air intake which can lead to one or more of the following: excessive belching, abdominal distention, breathing difficulty, smothering sensations, heart palpitations, and chest pain resembling that of a heart attack.The discomfort it can cause Some air is unavoidably swallowed with food and drink. But large amounts may be gulped during emotional upsets, rapid eating, gum chewing, smoking, and while drinking carbonated beverages.

A chin-to-chest maneuver to stop it Air is swallowed when the closing mechanism at the upper end of the esoph­agus (the lube leading from the throat to the stomach) opens, allowing air to be sucked in. One effective measure: Hold your chin to your chest. That position makes it difficult for  the mechanism to open.

Five ways to avoid Aerophagia( Air Swallowing) While Eating

• Each sigh means a swallow of air. Try to become aware of any sighing so you can stop it.
Don’t bolt food. And exhale just before swallowing.
• Rather than sip or gulp liquids, drink slowly—and keep your upper lip submerged by tilting the glass.
• Let very hot beverages cool before drinking. Other­wise, knowingly or not, you’ll draw in air to cool them.
• Moderate intake not only of soda pop and other car­bonated beverages but also of foods and drinks with air whipped in (for example, milk shakes and whipped butter).

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