How you can help others in your street

If you are worried that someone you know is being abusive, you may feel helpless. We always think that it is not easy to help in the family, but maybe it can save that person’s life if you can. It is important to approach security effectively and sensitively, both to protect yourself and your privacy.

Try to find a way to keep in touch with the person you think is risky, without an abuser at the moment (perhaps in a store or at a doctor’s office). This is usually easier and safer for women than for men, as their motives cannot be misinterpreted. If so, let them know you have a problem and need help.

Provides public information about available services locally and nationally. Post leaflets in your stores, health centers, supermarkets, community centers.
In an emergency, call the police if you suspect this person is in trouble.


What to do when multiple answers are typed:

  • Whatever your position, say you find women who are different from their partners.
  • Be assured that information will not be disclosed or disclosed if such circumstances exist (for example, in relation to minors).
  • Culture differences and experiences of women of different backgrounds.
  • Asking direct and familiar questions about victims of violence is the way to talk about the process.
  • Evidence of abuse and its effect on women used in law or order.
  • Provides accurate and straightforward information about energy resources / displayed in public office and community outlets leaflets.
  • So much so that this abuser is not his fault, no one deserves to be harmed or beaten, no matter what the abuser has to say to them.
  • If you work with people give them a discussion about the dangers to relationships and access to information about resources.


How you can help with the work:

  • Give the person a call for advice or information about the services available at the office.
  • Be aware and display posters – especially in the rough on top of women.
  • Tawm tawm Time off during the day for receiving services or information.
  • Offering compassionate extended leave.
  • Offering financial assistance or training to other branches.

Everyone needs to do something to help end suffering. Everyone has the right to a safe home.


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