How toempty the Recycle Bin in Mac OS X Mail

Quickly remove unsolicited email accounts by emptying the “Trash” folder in OS X Mail.

With safety net

Apple’s Mac OS X Mail Trash folder is an important protection for people like me. I can’t read how often Trash has saved me from “accidentally” deleting an important email.

Although trash folders are never exhausted, it’s a good idea to empty them from time to time to make room for new accidentally deleted messages and to speed things up in general.

Either OS X Mail empties the Recycle Bin automatically or use it on demand

Of course , Mail can do it itself intelligently.

However, if you’re a proud management faction, there’s a way to empty the Trash folder (or more precisely, all the Trash folders in your accounts ) manually – or for a quick relaunch in the meantime .

Empty the Recycle Bin and delete deleted messages in OS X Mail

Empty the “OS X Mail” folder from the Recycle Bin and permanently delete the deleted messages.

  1. Confirm that your email address may not be recovered, there are still some trashfolders in your account .
  2. Press Command-Shift-Backspace.
    • This will empty the Recycle Bin and clear deleted messages from any accounts you have set up in OS X Mail; To empty the Trash for aspecific account :
      1. Select the mailbox | Separate the deleted itemsfrom the menu and select the desired account from the menu that appears .
  1. Click the Deletebutton .

Quickly empty the Recycle Bin in Mac OS X Mail 1-3

Quickly empty a folder in Mac OS X Mail:

  1. Press Command-K.
  2. Click OKwhen you are sure you are not missing anything important.


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