How to Zoom in Camtasia Studio Videos

The consumption of audiovisual content has been on the rise in recent years. Different platforms have put everything of themselves to facilitate the enjoyment of the available content. Creating this type of content has become essential for many people. That is why, this time you will learn how to zoom in on Camtasia Studio videos.

This way, you will add something else to the list of tech skills. Something that, without a doubt, will help you a lot from an academic and work point of view. Now, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have editing skills. Find out why Camtasia Studio is the best option .

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  1. Easy handling for incredible results
  2. Add the video of your choice to Camtasia Studio
  3. Start testing the zoom effect!

Easy handling for incredible results

Camtasia Studio is an extraordinary software for audiovisual content editing. But not only for that, but also to record videos from your Windows computer . Yes! Just as you read it. Thanks to this program you can record absolutely everything you do on your computer.

In this way, Camtasia Studio is positioned as the favorite program for all those people dedicated to conducting tutorials . Representing, in addition, an extraordinary tool to encourage e-learning.

The functions of this program will not only allow you to apply filters to your videos, but also to add audio tracks. Giving an absolutely original touch to your recordings.

Grab the attention of users!

A trend-setting video requires different elements. One of the most fundamental goes through the visual effects. From effects or filters to highlight images to transition effects.

One of the most requested, after being implemented in the most popular social networks , has been the zoom effect. Camtasia Studio has not been left behind and has also added it to its arsenal of features.

Add the video of your choice to Camtasia Studio

If you already have a recorded video, editing it through the tools of this great software is very easy. You just have to select and drag the file to Camtasia Studio.

On the other hand, if you want to record what happens on your computer, you will have to follow a simple series of steps. Click on the option “Record the screen” and a new window will appear immediately.

In this window, you can choose if you want to record the entire screen or a specific area that you can draw. You can also decide whether to activate the webcam and the audio from your computer . Finally, there is a red button with the word “rec”, which you must press to start recording.

Apply the zoom effect to your video

Once the video has been added or recorded, it is time to make the corresponding edits. If you want to apply the zoom effect at any point in your video , pay attention to what follows.

  • Select the timeline or point where you want to apply the effect on your video.
  • Click on the “Zoom-n-Pan” option in Camtasia Studio.
  • Choose the type of zoom you want to do. You have two options to choose from:“Zoom in” and “Zoom out”. Also, you can adjust the margins to specify where in your video.
  • Finished with the above, you will see an arrow right in the timeline on which you have applied the zoom effect.
  • Don’t you like how it turned out? Calm! You can right click on the date mentioned above and select the “Delete” option.

A recommendation in this type of work is not to abuse the effect . Depending on the resolution of the video, several things could happen. But the most important and common is that your video, just when you apply the effect, loses quality. How much quality could be lost will depend on you.

Start testing the zoom effect!

This is just one of the many wonders Camtasia Studio hides in its arsenal of tools. Do not wait more! Download this incredible software and start creating incredible audiovisual pieces. Apply this and other effects to demonstrate the scope and potential, not only of your creativity, but also what this amazing program is capable of.


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