How to write symbols on Twitter

Twitter is one of the main social networks of the last decade. A network of information, conversation or the exchange of opinions that has become essential for millions of users around the world. But beyond writing informative messages or giving your opinion, above all, we can add symbols on Twitter to decorate messages or give a different touch to what you write.

Add emojis on Twitter

We have two ways to add emojis to our messages on Twitter: from the social network itself using those available by default or from other specialized pages where we can copy and paste emojis of all kinds.

From the social network

From the Twitter website itself we can add emojis to our published messages. We simply have to go to the corresponding box of “Tweet” and in the bottom bar we will see a series of options: photographs, GIFs, surveys, emojis and programming. The one that interests us, of course, is the emojis. When tapping on the happy face icon we will see several categories:

  • Emoticons and people
  • Animals and nature
  • Food and drink
  • Exercise
  • Travel and places
  • Objects
  • Symbols
  • Flags

In the lower right part we can choose the color of the “skin” of the emojis and it will be applied by default to all the emoticons of people or parts of the body: all the emojis of men, women, hands, ears …

To add emojis we simply have to choose the emoji we want, touch on them so that they are added to the tweet. When we put the mouse cursor over them we will see how a description appears at the bottom so that it is clear to us what it is: face screaming in fear, face in surprise, face with an open mouth …

From other websites

There are other websites that allow us to add emoticons created with symbols. Before emojis arrived as in today, combinations of parentheses, accents and other classic symbols were used to form funny faces. One option to add emojis is to do it by copying these combinations that we find on some websites. We simply choose the one that interests us and it will automatically be copied.

As you see in the image below, the messletters page has all kinds of combinations with parentheses , brackets, accents. Copy the one that interests you of all those that are available. Keep in mind that, as explained from the website, the emoticons are made of text characters so they can be used anywhere: not only on Twitter but in messages or social networks or chats that do not support the yellow emojis that you use every day .

We simply have to go to Twitter or the chat that we want and copy.

These combined emoticons are not only in messletters but also on other websites like Piliapp where we will find a list like the one you see below. They are created drawings that we can use on any page or chat to put the faces of animals or different expressions as similar as possible.

If what we want is to add emojis like the ones we know: crying, happy, smiling, laughing, hearts … there are also websites that allow us to do so. From the aforementioned messletters you can go to “emoji” where you will find all kinds of categories available to copy sheets, dogs, faces, objects.

It is not the most recommended website for this function since they are not ordered and it can be somewhat uncomfortable compared to others with more options such as Piliapp from the specific section of Twitter: Twitter Symbols, as you can see in the screenshot below and where we will find all organized the emojis by categories: smiles, animals …


Symbols on Twitter

Beyond the faces you use every day there are also other symbols that allow you to decorate your tweets with different fonts, colors …

Twitter Actions

What symbols are commonly used on Twitter? There are two that are essential and that are not to decorate but have a function and that have already been globalized in other social networks. Mentions and hashtags. The arrobas and the hash marks. When you use @, it is used to mention someone. A notification will appear to that person when you type @ followed by their username. You can create conversations, mention or we can simply use the search engine with @user to send him a private message or see the things he has written recently. As they explain from the Twitter glossary:

“The @ symbol is used to indicate usernames in Tweets:” Hello, @twitter! ” Users use your @username to mention you in Tweets, send you messages or provide a link to your profile. “

On the other hand, we use the hashtag or hashtag . You use # to identify a topic, an event, a keyword. The hashtag is a tag that allows us to find something that interests us and that all kinds of events use to unify the content, so that they can be talked about and can be found easily. It occurs with television programs, football matches, sporting events such as tennis tournaments such as Roland Garros, talks or congresses, events such as Eurovision or general hashtags such as #FelizFinde. According to the Twitter glossary:

“A hashtag is any word or phrase directly preceded by the # symbol. When you tap or click on a hashtag, you will see all the other Tweets that include that keyword or topic “

Symbols to decorate

But beyond those that are necessary, such as the symbols to use in the social network, there are others that we can add if we want to decorate our tweets. There are specific we4bs that allow us to add symbols like “real text”. Not only are they compatible with Twitter but generally we can also use them in Word, in HTML or in any type of platform or web. We can copy and paste from some specialized pages and take you to Twitter with a different format than the emoji.

For example, in Piliapp we find all kinds of symbols. As defined they are “special symbols that are real text and available to copy and paste anywhere.” They are organized by categories: popular, special (with subcategories like chess, symbols, weather, office, technical, menu, zodiac, brand, poker, dice …), love, people (with subcategories like face, activities, hearts, hands, cultures ), animals, asterisk (zodiac) or arrow symbols, graphic symbols, math, language and currency symbols.

In the case of letters, we can choose fonts totally different from those that appear in the social network by default. We simply have to touch on the symbols that we want to add. You are tapping on the different letters and signs as you can see in the screenshot below. As you tap on them they will be added to the top of the screen.

When you have the message ready you just have to touch ” Copy ” at the top. It will be copied to the clipboard. Once you have it, you just have to go to Twitter and click on the right mouse button and choose “paste”. Or, CTRL + V.

It will automatically be pasted into the tweet and you will only have to publish it so that it appears decorated with those symbols. You can repeat the process as many times as you want or you can simply copy one and add the text you want with normal Twitter format. You can add only one symbol and the rest write “normal”.

We can also do it from other similar websites such as . The operation is similar: we browse through the different categories and add them to the text box. Once you have it, you can copy.

Or in Messletters where we can touch on ” shapes ” and we can copy other totally different types of symbols and signs: arrows or lines to add as decoration before and after a message, for example.

You simply choose the one you want and copy it. They are created in a single line of text so we can add them without taking up space in our message.

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