How to write a letter to apply for a bank loan

We have prepared this guide in which you will learn how to write a letter to apply for a bank loan – Models and examples . Something useful for all those circumstances in which you need to communicate with a person or bank. In turn, you can complement this information, seeing recommended stylistic aspects through our guide on writing a letter of request in a few minutes .

How to Write a Letter to Apply for a Bank Loan – Models and Examples

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  1. How to write a letter to apply for a bank loan – Models and examples
  2. Sample letter to request a bank loan

How to write a letter to apply for a bank loan – Models and examples

Many people find it difficult to write a personal reference in Word or to apply for a loan . In any case, it is quite simple, and you just have to follow certain guidelines in order to make an appropriate wording for these circumstances. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the following criteria.

Start the letter to apply for bank loans

  • The first thing that must be clearly included is the name of the bankto which the letter will be addressed. The name must be put as is and using the usual capital letters.
  • Immediately below the name should be the city and the date, try to put a date equal to or close to the time the letter is delivered. The date format is the usual one, first the day, then the month and then the year (example: December 14, 2020).
  • Now you must put in the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed, in the case of having communicated specifically with a worker. It is very important that you include the profession at the beginning, for example: graduate, engineer, etc. If you do not know this profession, you can use the term “sir”, “madam”, and so on. Immediately afterwards, that is to say on the bottom line, is the position that said person fulfills in the bank.
  • Before starting with the writing of the letter, it is recommended to include a greeting to the person to whom it is addressed.
  • On the other hand, before continuing, remember that we also have other guides such as how to write a resignation letter , information that may be useful to you.

Aspects of the final drafting of the bank loan letter

  • We started with the writing, certainly, there are many ways to write this type of letter, but the main thing is respect. In any case, as for the writing, the first thing is our presentation. That is why it begins with a phrase that indicates who we are (individual or company).
  • One of the purposes of this type of letter is to be concise and to go straight to the point, so immediately after the presentation it is recommended to state the reason for the letter. That is, you must point out that the letter has been made for the purpose of requesting a loan.
  • Clearly, the aspects related to the loan itself must be established, that is, the amount in both numerical and written value.
  • Finally, after having indicated the reason for the letter, there is nothing left but to make a proper farewell.
  • Finally, after the dismissal, it is recommended to indicate again who has written the letter and here you must include the signature of the applicantand the work they perform.

Sample letter to request a bank loan

Having properly established all the criteria, finally the result of the bank letter made would be approximately like the one shown below. Keep in mind, that it is only one of the many models that can be used for this purpose.

It should be noted that you can also establish the letter in the name of a company , in which case you only have to modify the name of the sender and indicate the name of the company. In turn, certain entities have special requirements that must be taken into account, such as including specific information.

Understanding that each institution has its own criteria, in addition to taking into account the information shown, we recommend that you inquire with the bank before submitting the application.

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