How to work with Glovo

The planet has embraced every technological advance provided by millions of resourceful and creative people around the world. Each flashy venture can increase profitable shares , in turn generating jobs. One of them is the way you can work with Glovo.

Companies have engineered any move that is correct, hitting a boost in their profits, and generating much more comfort for their customers, accessing the possibility that any purchase you make reaches your home , and not just food orders .

Everything you want with Glovo

Express orders? Do not worry! You can solve it thanks to Glovo and his company . This Spanish delivery company founded in 2015 and present in more than 17 countries around the world, provides employment to millions of people, offering job flexibility and income according to your experience and valuation .

Imagine the possibility of being your own boss, and deciding when and where to work , as well as what distribution to take and how long to work. Although it is not the main source of employment for many people, thanks to its work flexibility, you will be able to obtain a second income just as beneficial and at the time you want.

What do I need to be a glover?

Belonging to this incredible company with an international presence is extremely simple. Generate income based on your valuation and get ready to be your own boss. To join this transnational, it is important that you are of legal age , otherwise your application will be rejected.

This company urges you to have time (your income will depend on the time you dedicate), a smartphone (it is essential to have the Glovo app to meet the demand for orders) a light vehicle , and of course, to be completely responsible and committed to your work.

Make your application through a form available on the Glovo web platform. After entering the main data (name, email, city and phone number), a window will open in which you can attach your CV and create a profile, indicating your availability.

The hiring department will tell you by email what kind of documentation you need to be a glover candidate, and will keep you up to date on the selection process.

How much can I earn by working with Glovo?

It’s time to talk about the salary. If a job is done, it is because income is needed, but how much can I earn as a glover? We have previously stated that this job offers job flexibility with the ability to decide when and where to work.

So, you produce the amount you earn and invest working . That is, the more deliveries you make, the greater number of income you can see. However, it is important to take into account the hours in which you employ and holidays, since in these the percentage per delivery is a little higher.

Glovo’s payment method is biweekly , that is, every fifteen days, you will receive a transfer of the income made according to your performance.

Increase your rating on Glovo

To increase your profits effectively, the company values ​​and takes into account some aspects such as the speed of deliveries , the responsibility of the delivery men, and of course the dealings with the customer. In short, the quality of the service you offer.

It is important to note that, for each delivery, the client performs a small evaluation, which will add to your experience as a glover , scoring high and generating new clients. Another useful piece of information to increase income would be to increase the area where you can carry out the deliveries , the further the delivery, the more money you can earn working for Glovo .

Should I be autonomous?

This requirement is indispensable and essential to belong to the company . The self-employment registration positions you as a person who carries out a profit-making activity, with hours at your own disposal.

You’re basically your own boss, and with great positions comes great responsibilities. You are not subject to any contract by the company, a completely independent worker.

Join the Glovo community!

Imagine generating income at the same time as you tour the city . Now that you know how to work with Glovo (in addition to being your own boss), you join the adventure of exploring corners that you surely did not know. Working outdoors has never been so fun and lucrative. You dare?


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