How to withdraw coins from TikTok?

TikTok coins or coins can be defined as a type of virtual currency which is changed into real money, these coins are given to users as a type of compensation or gift that is given to people who invest in this famous network Social.

It is important to note that these coins are valid only within the Chinese platform TikTok , that is, they are not valid in other social networks. You may be wondering how are coins used and what are they for? The truth is that these coins are used or serve to reward users for the work they have done when uploading original content and as we have already said, only those who invest will be able to withdraw them.

Coins can also be transferred between users, but the person who is going to carry out the transfer must first recharge their TikTok wallet, if you want to withdraw your coins you just have to enter the TikTok application and select the three dots that are in the right corner.

Continuing with the previous line, then you must press where it says “Portfolio” and once there you must choose “Withdraw” and voila are these simple steps you can make the withdrawal of your collected coins.

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  1. What benefits do I get from having TikTok coins activated?
  2. What requirements do I have to have to withdraw the coins from TikTok?
  3. Where can I withdraw my TikTok coins?
    1. PayPal
    2. Pagbank
  4. How can I get more coins on TikTok?
    1. Send your code to all your friends
    2. Do live broadcasts
    3. Get sponsors

What benefits do I get from having TikTok coins activated?

The benefits are several, you should know that one of the main ones is that you can receive extra money which you will not like at all. You must bear in mind that this money consists of an investment, in the short or long term, but you can also use the Coins to thank a follower who may deserve it, either by buying a gift.

Also by having the TikTok coins active, you can be the one who receives a gift from someone you follow.

What requirements do I have to have to withdraw the coins from TikTok?

The first thing you must do to be able to collect the money generated in TikTok , is to register an electronic bank account, such  as Paypal or Pagbank, if you still do not have one it is important that you open it as soon as possible, another of the requirements that you must take into account that you will start to be charged when having at least $ 100 and when withdrawing up to $ 1000 per day.

Where can I withdraw my TikTok coins?

As we mentioned before, to be able to withdraw the Coins it is necessary that you have an electronic account and register it in the TikTok payment system, you must enter all the data that will be requested there and it is important that all of them are exact since if There is an error you may have problems when generating the withdrawal, you can make the withdrawal of your TikTok coins through:


PayPal is one of the most used online payment methods and you can always count on this system no matter where you are. To make payments through Paypal you only need to associate your credit cards with your PayPal account or you can also do it by simply logging in to your email associated with Paypal.


Pagbank is a digital account service , which has its respective credit cards and the most interesting thing with no annual fee, Pagbank allows its users to make payments and transactions within the application, they can also make payments in the different chain stores that they accept it as a payment method.

How can I get more coins on TikTok?

Besides the traditional way, you can also get coins if you follow or meet certain requirements among them:

Send your code to all your friends

Every time a person installs the application because you have invited them, you will receive a bonus, making this invitation is very simple, you just have to send a message to the person you are inviting and they must download the App using your link or invitation code .

Do live broadcasts

One of the most effective ways to increase the income of your coins on TikTok is by making live videos and the more direct you do, the more opportunities you will have to receive gifts in the form of coins. Another thing that will also help you is every time you do a live you must interact with the users and followers , this will help some of them award you prizes for your originality.

Get sponsors

Another way to get more coins is through Sponsors , these can be found through the monetization team of the same TikTok platform, you must bear in mind that this social network is practically new and therefore many brands are offered by sponsoring those Tiktokers whose content makes an impact within the TikTok community.

Keep in mind that this social network offers its users the possibility of making good money on TikTok if you are successful and at the same time you can become a very famous influencer .

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