How to win the new Prize Ride in GTA 5

The Los Santos Tuners DLC introduced a new social space, the LS Car Meet, where players can hang out and socialize. The LS Car Meet has added many missions and challenges to the game. The LS Car Meet also features a prize ride where players can unlock vehicles for completing certain challenges or missions. The prize ride is updated every week. This week’s prize ride is the Annis ZR350. This article gives an overview of the different steps to win the new prize ride in GTA 5.

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How to win the new Prize Ride in GTA 5:

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Step 1: Go to the Los Santos Car Meet .

Step 2: While in the car, open the interaction menu.

Step 3: Select the ‘LS Car Meet option’

Step 4: Check the terms and conditions to claim the prize ride. This week’s challenge is to place Top 4 in 5 different chase races.

Step 5: After you meet the condition, go back to the LS Car Meet.

Step 6: Open the interaction menu again and select the ‘LS Car Meet option’

Step 7: Select the ‘claim price ride’ option.

Step 8: The prize ride is now your personal vehicle.

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