How To Win In Dead by Daylight

We show you the best tips, tricks and tips to learn how to play and win games in Dead by Daylight, whether you play for the killers or the survivors.


  1. First of all, play the tutorials
  2. How to play and win with the assassins?
  3. How to play and win with the survivors?
  4. Use the best characters, builds and items

Items of Dead by Daylight are very fun and challenging whether playing the role of murderer like you’re a survivor . The game has completely different mechanics for each side of characters and, from the outset, it is very important to know how to play with each group, what their strengths and weaknesses are and what you have to take into account in order to win (or at least have more chances of achieving it).

For this reason, in this section of our guide we want to talk to you about the basics of the game and teach you the best tips and tricks that you should keep in mind to win games playing with the murderers or the survivors. Pay close attention and write down all these recommendations .


First of all, play the tutorials

Although it may seem obvious at first, we want to remind you that the Dead by Daylight tutorials are very useful to learn the basics of the game if you have just started playing the title for the first time. It is important to mention this before giving you more specific advice.

The tutorials are available at all times and are designed to both learn to play with killers and survivors. To be able to access them, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Launch the game and access the main menu.
  • Enter the Tutorials menu.
  • From the “Tutorial” tabyou can select the Survivor Tutorial and the Assassin Tutorial .
  • In addition, after completing these two tutorials you will be able to play a test game against botson each of the two sides.

These tutorials also help you earn some additional blood points , which will come in handy later. On the other hand, don’t forget that you can also access the “Game Manual” tab where there are a lot of different entries about Dead by Daylight mechanics, menus and other details. If you have doubts about something, it is quite likely that you will find a clarification there , so take a look carefully before getting to the point.

How to play and win with the assassins?

The assassins side is the most attractive in Dead by Daylight and also the most complex to master . The killers’ main objective is to hunt down the group of four survivors before they escape with their lives.

To do this, all these actions must be carried out :

  • Patrolling the area of ​​the map:in search of the survivors.
  • Chase, Hurt, and Trap Survivors –Before They Escape. You can use your special assassin abilities, your primary weapon, or your exclusive power for this very purpose.
  • Once you catch a survivor:you must take him to a sacrifice hook, where you have to hang him. It can escape, but if you hang it a total of 3 times the Entity will consume it and it will have been eliminated.

Taking into account the objective of the assassin, here below we will teach you the best tips and tricks to be able to win the game in this role:

Get off to a good start

The start of the game for an assassin is always crucial. At first the assassin is at a disadvantage and must rush to locate the survivors and prevent them from starting to repair the generators. Since the survivors will not be injured yet and will have items at their disposal, it is important to find them as quickly as possible .

  • It’s almost always a good idea to prioritizefinding survivors and generators at the far end of the map from where you start.
  • This is where the survivors are most likely to be found hiding or working.
  • The Corrupt Intervention skill(obtained from The Scourge at level 30) is really useful here because it blocks the 3 farthest generators from you for the first few seconds of the game.
  • By blocking the generators, you will force the survivors to move, expose themselves to youand waste time along the way, making it easier to find and damage them to start the game on the right foot.

Chase the survivors with your head

One mistake most rookie killers make is spending too much time foolishly pursuing survivors. Sometimes you will meet players who will try to waste your time and entertain you so that the rest of their teammates work on the generators. Think carefully before acting because this can be a defeat.

  • If you see a player start circling around youand you are not able to catch up, give up. Few chases that last longer than 10 seconds are worth it.
  • It is better to try to catchthe survivors by surprise instead of running after them. Many will be faster than you.
  • If you can attack from a distance, then it is okay to spend more time on chases.
  • In case you decide to pass another player in a chase, never lose sight of the one who was trying to make you dizzy. He will likely start running after you, if you are agile you can still get hurt.

Hook the survivors correctly

The basic task of the assassin is to lead the survivors to the hooks , but it does not have to be to any hook or the one closest to you. When you pick up a Survivor, you have about 15 seconds available on average to hook them (if nothing unexpected happens, of course). This means that you can still move it to a hook other than the closest one , which is usually the norm.

  • You can play with a certain degree of strategy, as depending on the context, it may be more useful to lead a survivor to a certain hook.
  • For example to a hook that is next to a generator not yet repaired. So you can easily defend two objectives.
  • You can also take the survivor to a hook as far away as possible, so that his companions have to waste time going to save him and expose themselves to you.

Sharpen your sight and hearing

Dead by Daylight is a game that has many visual and auditory cues to help players develop their games. This is especially important on the assassin camp, where you can find a lot of these kinds of clues:

  • Take a good look at the scratch marks – they‘re easy to notice on stage and tell you where a survivor has passed.
  • Hear the noise of the generators:if you are 10 meters away from a survivor repairing one of these, you can tell by the characteristic noise of metal and nuts.
  • Survivors moan and complain –when they’re hurt, so you can hear them if they’re around, even if they’re hiding inside closets.

All this adds up to making it easier to win the game as an assassin. Not counting, of course, the auras that you can see depending on the chosen character, the activated abilities and much more. In short, sharpen your senses to improve your performance.

Other Important Tips and Tricks for Assassins

In addition to what’s mentioned so far, here are some general tips and tricks for killers:

  • Keep an eye on the generators:there are 7 at the beginning of the game and in most games you will have to defend at least 3. Try to play intelligently to manipulate the course of the game so that the last 3 generators are very close to each other, so it will be very easy to defend them.
  • Break the generators –don’t forget to do this either, kicking them slows their progress and gives you time to hunt down survivors.
  • Leave Survivors out of the game –Instead of hooking them, you can also just knock them down and put them on the ground. When you do, stay close to the area waiting for them to come to revive him.
  • Break the pallets that you find lying down:these cannot be reused and will make future chases easier.
  • Remember the position of the hatches:if you see them appear, try to remember where they are, you will need them in case their doors are opened and the survivors try to escape there. You should arrive before them to close them on time.

How to play and win with the survivors?

The survivors’ camp in Dead by Daylight consists of a maximum of four players who must cooperate and work together to escape alive from the clutches of the murderer who pursues them. They are vulnerable and almost always defenseless, but they can hide, play quietly, and use certain abilities of their own to escape.

To do this, all these actions must be carried out :

  • Repair 5 generators:that are scattered around the map, since by doing so you will be able to activate the 2 exit doors on the map.
  • Use one of the exit doors: byactivating its lever to open it, this way you will leave the game alive.

Taking into account the objective of the assassin, here below we will teach you the best tips and tricks to be able to win the game in this role:

Prioritize generator repair

Obviously, repairing generators should always be your number one priority as a survivor. Repairing them takes quite a few seconds and you will surely have to go little by little, but don’t waste an instant once the game starts and go repair the one you can right away.

It doesn’t hurt to remember the position of the generators you have worked on, because you will likely have to return to them if you don’t repair them the first time or if the killer tries to break them.

keep on moving

Although survivors can hide in closets and other places, hiding in the end results in a waste of time , so it is not recommended. The best thing is that you dedicate yourself to moving around the scene from here to there all the time, always with objectives in mind (repair generators, revive a fallen teammate, free another survivor from the hook, annoy the murderer …).

We are not saying that hiding places are not useful , they can be useful at specific times, but anything is better than being hidden for a long time.

Hideouts can be deadly traps if the killer tracks them down, which some killer players do frequently. Also, the more you hide in a place, the more scratches you will leave in the area. In fact, the most useful thing is to have the killer in your range of vision whenever you can and duck behind objects, a wall or a tree , so that there is something between you and him and that he cannot easily see you. In case you need it, you will be ready to run in no time .

Smash the totems when you see them

When exploring the Dead by Daylight maps and while going from one generator to another, it is important to pay attention to the totems that may appear. Up to five of them spawn in each game at random locations and, although it can be difficult to see them, it is certainly highly recommended to eliminate them if you have a chance.

By getting rid of the totems you will get blood points, but above all you will prevent the assassin from using them with his curse skills , something that can turn the game in your favor with a little luck.

Other Important Tips and Tricks for Survivors

In addition to what has been mentioned so far, here are some general tips and tricks for survivors:

  • Learn to play on each map:knowing each map can be very useful for survivors, you will know in advance the most common places where there are generators, hiding places or chests. And also which are the hunting routes that you should avoid as far as possible.
  • Assassins also have weaknesses:some can only attack in a straight line, for example, or most are slower than you. For this reason it is important that you know them thoroughly to know how to take advantage of their weak points and take the lead.
  • Drop the pallets:when the murderer is chasing you, they are very useful to stop him for an instant and even, if he is not very smart and does not break it, you can run around the place to continue using the pallet and entertain the murderer (you will waste time without being able to reach you).
  • Do not run away or move in a straight line –you will leave a very obvious trail that the killer will be able to follow. It is best to zigzag, backtrack, or walk crouched to avoid leaving marks. Try to confuse the murderer to buy time.
  • Work as a team, if you can –Survivors are more likely to win by cooperating together. Although you can be a solo player, it is always better to help the rest, rescue them if they need help or repair generators with them. If you can, play with voice chat and organize strategies and plans to be more effective.
  • Do not stray too far from your companions:being alone or very separated from the rest can be deadly if the murderer is nearby. Try to keep a safe distance from your teammates to receive quick support if necessary or to be able to help another quickly.
  • Don’t foolishly accumulate accessories – you’llstart to get them little by little and they can give you phenomenal advantages for your items. There is no use accumulating them in the inventory without spending them, so before starting a game always equip them.

Use the best characters, builds and items

Finally, after all the advice we have given you in case you still do not have enough , know that there is still more. And is that in our guide you can find several entries dedicated to these sections:

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