How to win Dr Keh’s challenge in Good Pizza Great Pizza

One of the most popular restaurant management games is Good Pizza Great Pizza. In the adventure you have to solve the challenges of the demanding customers, today we explain one of them, see who he is and how to beat Dr Keh in Good Pizza Great Pizza.

Good Pizza Great Pizza is a pizzeria management game in which you have to fulfill the orders and attend to more than 80 different customers who, if they are happy with the pizzas made, will leave a good tip in addition to the payment. In the game there are also events coinciding with the change of weather season or with festivities such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day. If the player completes these challenges, they can earn resources and money.

But going back to the customers who pass by the player’s restaurant, today we are going to explain everything about the visit of one of them. So, let’s see who he is and how to beat Dr Keh in Good Pizza Great Pizza.

Dr Keh’s real name is Michael and he is one of the protagonists in Chapter 3 of the game . Dr. is a world-renowned master chef and entrepreneur. He has wavy blue hair and eyebrows and a long, pointed nose. He shows up at the restaurant in a white lab coat with a blue pen sticking out of his pocket. He underneath is wearing a blue dress shirt and a teal tie.

Dr. Keh is a scientist who has always worked in search of the perfect flavor. The Dr. gained fame after creating the “perfect pizza” and opened his own five-star restaurant named after Ambrosia.

Using secret flavor-enhancing powders, it won the PizzaPalooza award five years in a row. As a result, his pizzeria Ambrosia gained fame and stole customers from other establishments, including the Béchamel family’s pizzeria, which was forced to close permanently.

How to win Dr Keh’s challenge in Good Pizza Great Pizza

We continue to see who he is and how to beat Dr Keh in Good Pizza Great Pizza. Now we are going to explain how to win the challenge of Dr Keh in Good Pizza Great Pizza . When the presence of Dr Keh Plant Lady is known, she will warn the player to be careful with the scientist while she gathers information, as she suspects that Keh has become famous using some illegitimate means. It is later revealed that Keh has been using a flavor enhancing formula to make his food taste better.

Dr. Keh appears in Chapter 3 of the game and enters the player’s pizzeria challenging them to a challenge. After accepting it, the player will be able to accept the option to use the magic formula against Keh to win PizzaPalooza. The player can accept the pot of the formula or not, the important thing is to cook the pizzas as the customers who visit the restaurant ask for. If the pizzas, in addition to containing the requested ingredients, are well presented and baked quickly, the player will win the challenge and the PizzaPalooza cup.

When he loses Dr Keh he will have one of two reactions depending on whether or not the magic formula was used ; If the player used it, he will swear revenge, saying that there was no way he could have been defeated without the formula. If the player didn’t use it, Keh will admit that there is something his years of research didn’t accomplish and that he still has a lot to learn.

At the end of Chapter 3, depending on the outcome of PizzaPalooza and whether or not the player used the formula, Keh will either be discredited and wanted for fraud or he will shut down Ambrosia and spend the rest of his life finding the perfect flavor.


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