How to watch TV8 on mobile

TV8 is a channel that you can safely watch on TV by pressing the 8 key on your remote control or search for it in numbers 508 or 108 . If, on the other hand, you need to watch a movie that will be broadcast on TV8 but you are away from home, here is a guide on how to stream TV8 on your mobile phone .

TV8 (formerly MTV) offers a free rich schedule with all the news of Sky TG24 , deferred races of MotoGP and Formula One , direct matches of the Europa League football and for those who love reality TV, the best of the talent: X Factor and Italian’s Got Talent .

For cooking enthusiasts, you will also find the episodes of MasterChef Italia and 4 Restaurants by Alessandro Borghese , as well as the replicas of Cucine da Incubo by Antonino Cannavacciuolo . Other news are: the Italian comedy series The Comedians with Claudio Bisio and the Quiz Show Guess My Age with Enrico Papi and the Night of Records .

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How to stream TV8 on mobile

On mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, there is no official application for Android and iOS of the TV8 television channel . To watch TV8 in streaming you will need to connect to the official website of the channel and view it in live streaming.

To do this you will need to have the best browser on your smartphone such as Google Chrome (for Android or iOS ) or Safari , already pre-installed on the iPhone / iPad, which will allow you to watch TV8 on your mobile .

Start the browser on your mobile device and connect to the website . Once the page has loaded, presses the yellow button Go to streaming , which you find at the bottom of the home screen.

On the following page you will see in addition to the Streaming title , the Play button on the video player , in the center of the page, on which to tap to start live streaming playback directly on your phone.

The TV8 multimedia player offers several features: in addition to the Play button , we find the || button to pause playback , the volume icon , the two arrow icon (on the right of the player) to switch to full screen .

By holding your finger on the player for a few seconds, a menu will appear where you can: copy the link , share the link , save the file on the device or open the link in an external app .

In case you want to switch from mobile to desktop view, just go to the browser menu, at the top right, and select, in the drop-down menu, Browser site to put the check mark.

To watch other programs or videos in streaming, press the icon with the three dashes in the upper left corner and select in the menu that appears: Video .

Once entered, press on Filter by , to access one of the various sections: All , Most viewed , Every morning , Formula 1 , Moto GP and Programs .

After choosing a section, you can select the program to review and press the Play button on the player to start multimedia playback of the movie.

How to watch TV8 on a computer

Streaming TV8 also works well on Windows PC or macOS . All you have to do is always connect to the official website, via Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser and start browsing.

Start your web browser and connect to the Internet page to access. Then click on Streaming at the top to see the program or movie live. In case the transmission does not start automatically, press the Play button .

To go to the other sections of the site, in the top menu you will find: Programs , TV Guide , Streaming , and Videos in full evidence.


If in following all the instructions on how to watch TV8 on your mobile you have encountered problems and cannot see this channel in streaming on your mobile device, I recommend that you try to take advantage of the platform through other web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox ( Android , iOS ) , Opera ( Android , iOS ) and Microsoft Edge ( Android , iOS ).


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