How to watch television from my Android and iOS mobile

hrough the following guide we will teach you how to watch television legally from my Android and iOS mobile.  Here we will also comment on those aspects that you should take into account about this type of services.

Is it possible to watch television from our mobiles?

In case you ask yourself the above, it is fair to indicate that it is possible to watch television on our mobiles , a process that can be done through our Internet connection. It is even possible to project or transmit the cell phone screen with an application called Roku . In any case, there are many aspects that you should take into account if you want to watch television on your cell phone.

Many applications and platforms can become problematic and not provide the most stability. Therefore, accessing content on platforms such as Netflix or YouTube is still the most recommended options. However, it is convenient that you know which are the best alternative and similar pages to YouTube to watch videos for free .

Even so, in case you want to watch TV on your mobile , we recommend reading the following information where we will talk about some methods with which you can do it.

How to watch television legally from my Android and iOS mobile

Although there are many platforms with which you can watch television on your mobile or computer, today we will present two different methods that seem the simplest for this purpose . is a platform with which you can watch a large number of channels from both Spain and the rest of the world, it is one of the most recommended options, since you will not need to install any additional software.

The operation of the platform is very simple, all the available channels will be displayed on the screen that you can access just by pressing them. The platform will work directly from your browser , which is why the installation of any application is not necessary.

Advantages of

One of the main advantages of this service is that you can access it from practically any device, regardless of whether it is a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This is very convenient, since in one place you can access various multimedia content.

Another aspect worth considering, which makes this option so useful, is the large number of channels they provide to their users, being able to find content from many countries around the world.

Disadvantages of

Without a doubt, the main disadvantage of the platform is its instability , since it is quite common that the channels do not load or that the connections simply do not work properly.

On the other hand, many channels take time to respond before beginning to transmit their signal. Either way, it is one of the prices you pay when you get a completely free option.


IPTV is an application designed to watch free television channels over the Internet, the application stands out for its light weight and for integrating an interface designed specifically for mobile devices, being available for both Android and iOS.

To start using the application, you just have to download it from the official Android and Apple stores, wait for the installation process to finish, after which you can start watching TV on your mobile device.

How to use IPTV

  1. Once you have downloaded the application, it will be necessary to add the channel playlist, which you can obtain through the iptvcat website .
  2. Within the website you can search for channels directly by name or by indicating your country of origin.
  3. As you can see, all the available options will be displayed. To create your playlist you must press “Add to list” on each of the channels you want to add.
  4. Once you have finished selecting the channels, they will appear on the right of your screen, here you must click on the “Copy” option , generating the URL that we will use within IPTV.
  5. Now the IPTV application, click on the “Edit” option that will locate the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select the option “Add playlist” then click on “Add URL” , finally the address copied above and give the playlist a name.

Reviewing the previous steps you will have successfully added the selected channels , note that you can repeat the process to add new channels. If you prefer another alternative to watch TV from your mobile, you can choose to install and configure Kodi plus Add-ons on your Android cell phone . The result will be equally effective and of great use to you.


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