How to watch DTT online on Chromecast with TDTChannels

TDTChannels is one of the best platforms to watch DTT on the Internet . Although most channels allow you to watch their channels on PC or mobile , there are many that are not available in a simple way, and much less in the same panel that allows us to change channels quickly as if it were normal DTT. And now, we can take advantage of the new functionality to view it on any television or monitor in a simple way.

TDTChannels is currently available in web form and also in Android app form. In both we can see most of the DTT channels in streaming so that they load directly by simply pressing the button for each channel. With this, a computer or mobile that does not have a USB DTT can easily view the channels.

TDTChannels for Android now lets you use Chromecast

The platform has to constantly face changes that the networks make in the way their channels are viewed, hence sometimes there are channels that do not work well. In the event that they do not work well, on the website itself we have the link to go to the official website of each channel to view it comfortably without having to search for them individually on Google.

After launching it for a limited number of users, since the end of last week we have available the new version of TDTChannels for Android. Its version 2.3.0 includes the highly demanded function of being able to watch channels through a device with Chromecast .

Thanks to this, just by connecting the Chromecast to a monitor, we can have a practically functional TV with dozens of channels to watch for free. This is ideal, for example, to have a television in the kitchen, in a room where the antenna socket does not reach, or if you have poor DTT coverage .

Just as easy as from YouTube

To play content on Chromecast we just have to go to the application, play the channel we want, and in the playback menu (where the pause button and others are) a new button will appear on the right to send content via Chromecast , This button being the same one that we find for example in applications such as YouTube.

Once we press the button, the content will stop playing on the mobile and will go on to play directly on the Chromecast device that we have.

Beyond compatibility with Chromecast , the Android application has also received improvements such as hiding the playback bar after changing resolution, audio or subtitles. There is also better compatibility with TV and Radio stations, as well as the playback engine now works better.

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