How to watch DAZN with Chromecast

A simple guide to connect Chromecast to your non-smart TV to watch DAZN content.Chromecast , a Google device, is compatible with DAZN , a streaming platform that allows you to watch sports Live and On Demand.Among the devices compatible with DAZN , there is also Google Chromecast . If you don’t have DAZN you can subscribe here by paying € 9.99 / month .

  1. How Chromecast works with DAZN
  2. How to connect DAZN to Chromecast
    1. Chromecast compatible devices for watching DAZN
    2. Watch football on DAZN
    3. Serie A matches on DAZN

How Chromecast works with DAZN

First, know that Chromecast is a device that connects to the HDMI port of the TV so that it can be converted into a Smart TV. This step is essential to send the video from the DAZN application on your smartphone to the TV. To install the device on your TV, please read our guide: how to install Chromecast .

Chromecast ultra can be connected with a LAN cable. Make sure you are using the same internet connection when using Chromecast.

How to connect DAZN to Chromecast

First, in order for you to see DAZN with Chromecast, you need to download (and then launch) the DAZN app available for Android and iOS / iPadOS. Make sure you have the latest version of the app.

  1. Open the DAZN application;
  2. Press the Chromecast symbol next to the search icon;
  3. Choose your Chromecast;
  4. The video you choose now should be showing on your TV or screen. While watching the video, you can search for other events;
  5. Once Chromecast is set up, the Chromecast icon will appear in the upper right corner of the DAZN application. Press the Chromecast icon and select your Chromecast name. The chosen video will appear on the TV.

Chromecast compatible devices for watching DAZN

  1. Mobile phones and tablets – iPhone or iPad with iOS9 or later, or Android mobile phones and tablets with OS 4.4 or later;
  2. PC browser – Google Chrome only.

Watch football on DAZN

You can also watch Seria A football matches on DAZN (see the list below to find out which matches are exclusive to the DAZN streaming platform) by paying € 9.99 / month.

DAZN is available on the main devices connected to the internet, even outside the home on iOS and Android smartphones. You can also watch football matches on and major game consoles.

DAZN offers a monthly subscription of € 9.99 / month. You can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Below all the matches of the Serie A 2020/2021 championship available on DAZN. The calendar may undergo changes, we invite you to consult the DAZN programming for the final date and times.

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