How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Sky Q

If you are a Sky Q  subscriber  and would like to use it to see the contents in the Prime Video catalog  , you should know that it  is possible . Thanks to an agreement between  Sky and Amazon , from  14 December 2020 it is possible to watch movies and TV series streaming on  Prime Video  on Sky Q and NOW TV devices . Try Prime Video free for 30 days here .

On  December 14, 2020,  an agreement was announced between  Amazon and Sky , aimed at bringing  the best of the entertainment  of the two platforms in one place, just in time for the arrival of the Christmas holidays. This deal has made Prime Video  content available  on Sky Q and NOW TV devices , and will soon (early 2021) make NOW TV  content  available on Amazon Prime Video . If you’d like to find out  how to watch Amazon Prime Video on Sky Q , read on.

Prime Video on Sky Q: here’s how to see it

Watching  Prime Video  on  Sky Q  is really very simple and requires a few steps. If you are a Sky Q subscriber (otherwise you can subscribe here ) all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the App  section  of your  Sky Q ,
  • Use your voice remote control and say the phrase  Open Prime Video,
  • Associate your account linked to  Amazon Prime Video  to  Sky Q ,
  • Choose the title you want to watch and press the play button  .

Once the Prime Video  account is associated  with  Sky Q , you will be able to have the titles present in the Amazon streaming platform catalog, available directly on the Q Home  .

In addition, you can use the voice of the remote control to search for titles in streaming on Prime Video on your Sky Q .

If you are a Sky Q  subscriber  but have not yet subscribed to Amazon Prime , we remind you that you can try Amazon Prime Video for free for one month, and if you are a student you can take advantage of the special Prime Student promotion .


Once the free period of use is over,  Amazon Prime  will automatically renew at a price of  € 3.99 per month  or  € 36 per year  (or € 18 per year if you are a university student). You can unsubscribe at any time.

This way you will be able to see all the titles in the Prime Video catalog  on all your screens.

Furthermore, thanks to the agreement entered into between  Amazon and Sky , from the beginning of 2021 it will be possible to see the contents in the NOW TV catalog on Fire TV devices  Find out here all about the agreement between Amazon and Sky .

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