How to view web pages that are cached in Chrome

With the passage of time, programs and software in general have evolved to better adapt to the needs of each user.

Each developer has taken the time to make each experience in a program as satisfactory as possible, and for that they take advantage of different common characteristics that are in the programs, being the cache one of the most common and most used to be able to make the easier experience.

When we talk about cache , we refer to a cache, basically, it is a place where different requests to a program are going to be saved, as well as several files that have been loaded previously, in such a way that each time the user returns to enter a particular place in the program or software, it can load everything with greater speed.

And, in fact, it is extremely useful in making web browsers better . The fact that we enter the same page every day is made much easier and faster thanks to the data that is stored in the cache .

Also, if you have Chrome as your default browser, you will be using the cache on a daily basis. But what happens when you want to access this cache?

We often end up in a position where we want to check what is stored within it, either to be able to delete or manage the cache in some way .

In Chrome , each cache is stored inside our computers, so if you have Windows, you can follow the following tutorial to be able to see all those web pages and other content that is in the Chrome cache.

The Google Chrome cache

Every time you visit a page in your browser , many files are stored in its cache. Whether multimedia objects or some type of written information are stored , in the cache you can see a lot of information about the pages we have visited, and on many occasions you may want to delete it .

In fact, this can become an extremely useful tool , since beyond functioning as a history, it helps us to recap everything we have seen or visited with more certainty.

In addition, managing our cache can be very beneficial. The fact that we want to delete something in particular that is not useful to us can help in the general performance of our team, so it is worth considering the possibility of entering your browser’s cache and managing or seeing what is there. For that, you can continue reading below.

How to view the Chrome cache?

Viewing the Chrome cache, which is directly stored on your computer, is very easy to do. Really all you have to do is follow a couple of directories and you will have everything you need to see in view.

But, to be able to see these files you must make them visible, since most of them are hidden for safety. So if you want to see the Chrome cache, just follow the next step by step:

  • First, you must go to the Start. Here you have to go to the Control Panel and enter it.
  • Now, you must enter the option that says “Appearance and customization.” Here you will see a lot of different options, but you have to click on the ” Folder Options ” tab .
  • Among the options you have on the screen, go to the ” View ” tab and then click on ” Advanced settings .”
  • Then, just enter the option that says “Show hidden files and folders ” and accept. From now on the files and folders that were hidden will be visible all over the computer.
  • Now, in order to enter the Chrome cache, you must enter the Start again, and then click on ” Computer “.
  • Once inside, you must click on the main hard drive or on which you are the administrator. Here, you will see the “users” folder and you should open the folder that has the name of your user.
  • Then just follow the directory “ \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \ Cache ”. Once there, you will see the entire cache of your Chrome browser.


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